Multiplayer lag issue

Hey. I’m not sure if this has been posted before, haven’t found my particular problem.

When i get into any games which has more than 2 players, my games lags terribly from time to time. From the first second of the match, it just moves with like 20fps, but my games shows constantly 144 to sync with my monitor. Tried on my 2nd monitor which has only 60hz, but the problem persists. My rig is composed with rtx 2060, ryzen 5 3600x so it should handle it fine. Do any of you had this problem before? Works great on SP with 4v4, only with multiplayer starting from 2v2 i encounter this problem which makes the game sadly unplayable. Thanks for any suggestions.

You can see many bug reports in the Report a bug forum. Issue seems mostly related to having to play at Brazil server for almost every team game.

I would say: Have a look at that part of the forum to see more info about this bug.