Multiplayer Lag

Hi, i got some connection only while i am playing on multiplayer, the game is completely fluid during a solo part, but as soon as I try to start an online game, moving the units is not at all fluid and all players in the game have small lags.

Config :
GPU : I7 4770k
CPU : GTX 980 TI
RAM : 16 GO

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Hi hi, whats your FPS on single player? and on multi player? did you pass the benchmark? whats your screen resolution? do you have EGP DLC enabled? notice that you can check other players performance, there is a clock/watch next to their nicknames, blue / yellow / red colored.

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Alongside the Sorcerer considerations, try out these as well.

I have the same problem than you and I was not able to solve it yet.

I have the same problem, unplayable lag and only in multiplayer, It only happened after the january update


the game is using 100% GPU for some reason, and i have 1070 TI turbo nothing else comes even close

I have seen the same issue, while moving around the map is fluent, all in-game moving things are very laggy (seems like 5FPS). Restarting the server sometimes works, or the lagg goes away after a few minutes by itself.

Exact same issue here - not fixed by restarting game / restoring / starting fresh game.