Multiplayer Lobbys in AOE 4

Heya, I have played age since the MSN Gaming zone and must have something like 30k++ hours in AOE:AOC.
It was a sad day when the gaming zone ceased to be, but Voobly recreated the MP lobbies very well.

My issue with the Age series since they launched the various iterations on steam is that the MP menu systems are out of date, clunky, and horrible to use.

I do fear AOE 4 will tread this same path so I hold very little hope of it actually becoming a good multiplayer experience.

On the gaming zone and voobly it was easy to arrange tournaments, easy to see and message all those directly in the lobby, it was good for clans their truly was a sense of community.
Unlike AOE2 and AOE 3 on steam which is like a bad ever ongoing drop in and drop out session.

Does anyone have any knowledge of how the MP sessions will work on AOE 4? Screenshots?

There are no news about it as far as I know but I do share your opinion. I hope they make the multiplayer lobbies a lot better than they did in aoe2 and aoe3.