Multiplayer Mode on Local Server not Possible (Teredo-IPsec-Connection?)

Every Time I try to start a multiplayer game on a Local server, I get after 10-20 Seconds the Following message “unfortunately the connection to the multiplayer services was terminated” (“leider wurde die Verbindung zu den Mehrspielerdiensten beendet”).
That means, I cannot play on a local Server. For several Months everything was working fine. I did not change anything to my PC (Win10 Plattform). I have even shut down the MS Firewall: no effect.

If have figured out that: the Teredo IP-Adress (NAT-Typ) ican not be retrieved in MS Settings / Xbox Network and that the Server conectivity is set to “Blocked”.
Do not know if AoE needs a Teredo-IPsec-Connection. If it is needed, perhaps someone could help me how to get it:

  • Retrieve the correct IP Adress
  • Setting the Server connectivity to not being blocked

Would be nice If someone could help me with this problem.