Multiplayer quickmatch system - ladder (ranked), at, profile and stats (xp) (achievements)

Hi!, I really enjoy rts games, the multiplayer 1v1 and arranged team matches (ranked) have been always the most fun and challenging feature of any rts game for me, anything can happen.

I never liked the old AOE 2 (classic) lobby system for multiplayer matches, I always wanted that AOE 2 had a quick match system for multiplayer, a very renowned and efficient example is battlenet system from Blizzard games such as Starcraft and Warcraft, I was so happy when AOE 2 DE came and was added the quick match system, also with the customizations and mod features.

I think such quick match system is something very important to maintain an rts alive, and is more than clear that such system at AOE 2 DE has contributed a lot to keep the game alive forever, the quick match system and stats profile in has maintaned alive Starcraft and Warcraft since the games were released, there is a lot of potential in that kind of multiplayer quick matches system and stats profile.

So my main question (and suggestion) is If AOE IV is going to have a multiplayer quick match system similar to AOE 2 DE or similar aswell as, can be really rewarding to have a profile, your stats (level xp) and a kind of rewards or achievement where you can make a customizations to your game with a variety of models and skins for units and buildings for example