Multiplayer Quickplay option for Co-Op Vs. AI

Pretty much what the topic states. I personally don’t like the anxiety of multiplayer against people these days, to each their own. I’m sure I’m not alone in this matter which is why people still play VS AI matches all the time. Just an idea I thought would be neat is to add in a Co-Op Vs. AI matchmaking. Team up with people to stomp some AI together. Thanks for all you do! :call_me_hand:


Good idea. Would help like-minded players team up. And if it was filterable (so other players could easily find), that’d be awesome

Making it so it auto-locks 1, 2, or more slots (user-specified) for AI opponents when the lobby is created would be great, too, because otherwise, when you try to create a lobby, people join and fill up slots that you want reserved for AI players and so you have to kick them out or close the lobby and re-open one to try again, etc.

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Yeah I like the sound of this, playing against the AI sometimes is much more relaxing than playing against humans


Awesome to see some feedback! Thanks for the replies!

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This is something Quickplay would actually be good for :smiley:

I think this would be a great addition for newer players or players who just want to have a relaxed game. Also a good stepping stone for people who want to get into multiplayer games.

I’m all for it!


Hi there, anxiety against human players but not against AI? cmon! I think there is something that can be improved there, considering what is it and that is a state of mind, understanding why this happens, I rather call it excitement and enjoy it. I do enjoy games vs AI tho. The only thing that should be considered bad in pvp in my opinion is this sort of hardware lag nothing more. Come play with us sometime!

Hello Developer team!

HERO gamemode:
In aoe 2 I like when i could switch my team into AI controlled team by selecting my name and switch to AI.
If there would be a hero that could controlled by me only and the rest would be controlled by AI it should be a NEW moba like game, whitch could be a little bit intresting.
Because here you could use different tactics then in average moba games, where there’s no worker, plus here there would be more player not just 1 enemy player like in 1v1 matches

AOE 3 next possible patch [minor update]:
I would see the AI selection option in AOE 3 also, I miss that funcion from that game.

AOE 2 next possible patch [minor update]:
In AOE 2 I would see this Hero gamemode. Because there are lot of heroes in aoe 2 but there is no game mode for playing with those, and I think that would be intresting.
Hero selecting:
In the menu where you select the civ in aoe 2 you should pick only 1 hero and a civ, BUT the civ would be controlled fully by AI. Because when the AI takes controll my scout i hate it. :confused:

What’s more should be added in this mode:
Hero could have 7 buffing cards from the following buildings:
-archery rage

Moreover like in AOE 3 there are trading posts where you have access to indian tribes, and some of them gives your explorer tripe soldier spawning ability I think it should be in AOE 4

Of course it could be extended up to 5 player per team which means 40 players, of course in skirmish mode also.
But what would be the real fun
Big Battle game mode in skirmish and online also:
8 players it can be AIs or real players
80 players 10 player per team between these players there could be AIs and real players.
(Finally if there would be a missing player by lost connection issue then AI would take him/her place)

I am waiting for your thoughts inconnection with these ideas and questions from the dev team if there was something unclear.

I second this, do want!!!


Sounds like a neat idea. Difficulty should be togglable though.

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This looks like one of the ideas that make sense for quick play to me. It looks like many players in the lobby play against the AI. If they have a more easy option to play against the AI, then that is great. Playing against the AI seems something that is just unrated, so it will suit perfectly to quick play.

Not sure how the co-op should work. That needs a bit more explanation to me.

Also Co-op scenarios will come to DE. That might also be something that can be put under quick play, so you can easily found other players for playing co-op scenarios.


I approve this. I play vs AI only.

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