Multiplayer ranked matchmaking is still broken

I’m not a good player. Plat 1 in average and i like playing team ranked match. But how it is that still today, i have to fight unbalance matching almost every time. It’s tideous that each time i’m about to go plat 2 I have to fight against diamond or conqueror. Or that my team mate are Bronze or silver. It’s not a way to go. At least, if when you lost a match against player way above your rank you didn’t loose as many point. But 3v3, me and two other gold player against 2 conq 2 and one gold 3 I’ve lost 22 pts.
I’m just getting my frustration out here. But ear me. It’s isn’t fair.

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Ye matchmaking often kinda sucks, but I think it’s about the playerbase. What I hate more are the points someone gets or loses in team games. I have friend with lower rank who gets less points for a win then me and lose much more for losing. I don’t get that and they stopped playing about that.

Example: we play with 2 Dia2 and 1 conq1 against 3 conq1. If we lose they lose 30 points, I lose 20. If we win, I get 30 points, they get 14. I’m the conq player.

My matchmaking elo is also higher.

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I have to say that, since the splitting of the ranked and quick match modes the traffic split a bit and caused problems in the MM.

It is important for you to know that it is better to restart the search every 3 minutes or so, so that you have a better chance of finding a little more balance (although it is not 100% sure).

The MM would work better with very high player traffic, but that’s not the case, so I expect that MM will be less aggressive in the future.

That not would work, because even if you are waiting just for 1 minute, if someone with a higher elo is waiting for 10 minutes then he got into the same elo bracket and you can be matchmaked with him.

I’ve been matchmaked with full conqueror 3 team in the other team whereas my team the higher player was a diamond 1 and we were waiting just for 30 seconds.

The “not 100% sure” was for that reason, but at least it decreases the probability a little bit compared to waiting a long time for the 2 teams.

Ideally, the MM should scale less aggressively and not open the filter so strongly after only 6 minutes.

MM less agressively means more time in queue?

If so, please don’t do it! Today the MM lasts a maximum of 2 minutes. Which is great. I’d much rather play with higher ranked players than spend many minutes waiting in queue to play.

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  1. If you want go up in rank its normal you should be able to beat higher rank opponent.

  2. Team game don’t have enough players, if you want more balanced matching best to play 1v1

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