Multiplayer Rant time

I love being kicked from lobbies because I didn’t start multiplayer when everyone else did, and they think I’m a fricking noob because of low level civ xaxa wth is this

And then you get this because you have a ‘pro deck’ hahaha


That’s why you should play ranked instead. No such issue there.


I really don’t know much about deckbuilding, but what are your thoughts on my Russian deck Mr. Eagle?

lovely, having a nice treaty and 30min through this happens

You have too many economic cards and lack of military cards. You will also need more cards in III Age. I’m strongly recommending you to look into pro gamers decks.

Below you can check Aussie_Drongo’s Discord. You can find here competitive decks for every civ:

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ive deleted discord until november, justt send me a screenshot pls :stuck_out_tongue:

and what are the strats of the ‘pros’?

Rushes? Most games you barely get over 15 cards sent

These are the cards I really only need for what I do (would be fine without III fort as well):

When i have time i will make a counter deck for each civ :wink:

You can enter Discord links through internet browser, I also don’t have Discord app installed :slight_smile:
I’m not Russia player so I’m not familiar with their build orders.

1vs1 decks:

Team decks:

My suggestions:

Put the Age 2 church card in your deck. I can see that you’ve put wood gathering cards in your deck because you are trying to get all the military upgrades before 40 min. There are 2 techs that the church card enables from the church that will save you a lot of hassle for you. Using this card will enable you cut costs and have more than enough before 40 minutes ends.

With the above stated, drop the wood gathering cards. Russia can generate enough wood for all of its mills and plantations, Imperial Upgrades, walls, and initial military buildings from 2 factories on wood (with the upgrade), using the 2 church techs from the Age 2 church card, and having ~15-20 villagers until 40 min. The trick is, when you click to age up to Age 5, put both factories on wood and just leave 15-20 villagers on wood for awhile. When you’re about 5 or 10 minutes away from the 40 minute mark, put the villagers on food. You will have enough for everything, and the 2 factories will sustain you the rest of the game.

Do away with the hunting and mining cards, and do put all the mill and plantation gathering rate cards in there. Herds, berries, trees, and gold mines are temporary resources and you won’t be using the effects of those cards much longer. You will get more effect out of the mills and plantations in the long run. After 40 minutes, you want your villagers safe and sound behind your walls, working on a mill or plantation. Thus, you need to boost those rates. And, you’ll get more out of the mill and plantation cards, as they are permanently in use for the rest of the game compared to herds or gold mines.

I see that you don’t have any plantation cards. Your eco will not be strong and fall behind in score as the game drags on.

Cavalry Combat (Age 3) is important. Cossacks are one of Russia’s best units. You need cossacks to be stronger and to tank things. Also, stronger cav archers are good at repelling heavy cav.

Everything else is really optional. Your core deck should have all the mill and plantation cards, all the training time reduction cards, 2 factories, and military buffs.

Some of the reasons why my deck is the way it is compared to yours:

Sevastopol is so good at building forts, blockhouses, and walls quickly that you don’t need the addition of the stonemasons card to help you build forward bases. But, if you play AOE3 like Fortnite, you should keep boths cards in there and build 10,000 walls around the map. Russia literally insta-builds walls with both, so your map control game is insane, if you want to play like that.

Strelet are so weak, that I find myself relying on cannons to kill things for Russia. Not worth the extra 10% HP in the Age 4 card imo

Some things you don’t realize is that Russia has insta-grenadiers and insta-petards. The Ransack card boost the petards (siege infantry units) so instead of 1600 siege damage per explosion, you get like 2400 and basically destroy any building with 3 petards, much faster and pop-efficient than a group of Oprichniks.
And against heavily unfavorable matchups like Russia versus Sweden, I’ve discovered that mass halberdiers, mass grenadiers, and culverins work pretty well against Caroleans, hussars, and cannons. Especially instantly-trained Russian grenadiers.

Forts… (looking at the Age 4 fort card). Eh, from my experiences forts aren’t that great at killing units or holding down a spot (alone). Easily mortared like anything else, and is slow to produce cavalry to counter anything. Sure you can insta-spam infantry out of it, but if the enemy’s coming at you with a standard mass of infantry and cannons, your infantry spam is rendered useless and you can’t produce cav fast enough to defend it, nor have artillery options to defend it. It’s better just to have villagers in the back building all 3 military buildings instead of just relying on a fort.

I also have an infinite 300W card just to make use of all the extra shipments that stack up as the game goes on. Never really had a problem with wood, but having extra helps with using natives and cannon spams and aggressive forward-base building. Extra wood is never a bad thing in the late-game.

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Also, for “strats”, Russia can do everything well:

Fight face-to-face with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Russian army. Although you have weaker units, you can train them faster and literally counter anything almost instantly that the enemy throws at you. This makes them very flexible. The Engineering Card enables you to win artillery fights too, making Russia a very good pressure fighter, since it can be difficult to fight someone who counters everything you have, faster than you can send units out

Map control like no one’s business: just go out and do the Russian version of Manifest Destiny - you build blockhouses and walls faster (Sevastopol), you are the best civ at destroying buildings (Oprichnicks, instant grenadiers, instant petards, Ransack card that boosts infantry siege by 50% including petards, stronger+cheaper+faster produced mortars, etc.). Russia is unchallenged at map control if you use all their tools properly. One minute you’re fighting Russia, then another minute your forward base is completely flattened…

Yeah I did this since I made this topic, dw.

I should have said in my original post that this is a treaty deck haha.

Yup, I know it and use em.

I beg to differ, I was managing to keep my fort against 2 players both mortaring and cannoning it. I don’t think in that match even one of my forts was destroyed by the enemy :rofl:

HEre is what I used yesterday::

After changes I thought of during play:

I needed the faster cav train more after I breached enemies’ walls.

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You dont need a ‘pro’ deck, because you aren’t a pro. Pro games can be very boring to watch, I certainly hope I never get that good. Just pick cards that you think are cool and civs with sweet looking units and try different strategies you think might be fun. In other words, do the reverse of what ‘pros’ do which is only the best most optimum calculated stuff (because they must in order to be a 'pro).

Great improvement on your deck. I think you’re more effective fighting long-term with Russia, as your economy will be pretty beefy with all those eco cards. Don’t forget the Age 1 plantation card as well. Cannons can be costly if you use them a lot

Interesting. To each man their own. In my experience, when people see a Russian fort, they feel the dread of instant units and particularly tend to focus on my forts. It’s a great distraction while I build a forward base safely behind it, but I actually don’t use forts that much anymore. Great that it works for you

Sevastopol compared to Stonemasons… I actually haven’t done any research to see what’s faster, but I like Sevastopol because I send it upon reaching Age 2, then FF to Age 3 and get TCs up rather quickly for my boom. Interesting choice of Stonemasons in your deck, cause I believe Stonemasons only affect villagers. Musketeers and explorers are ones building the forts (to which Stonemasons won’t affect)

MY first ranked treaty against some French guy (110 level home city so more experience haha)

HE makes so many spies for what reason? :rofl:

(I won the match btw :wink: )

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Yeah, I’m def a NR 40/60 player. I don’t use cannon, I rely on grenadiers or Oprichniks for destroying quickly.

I mean they focused on it but didn’t get to destroy it because of my spam etc haha

Stonemasons is just vils and wagons yes, but is 65% to Sevastopol’s 50%. Sevastopol would give musks faster build speed but isn’t necessary.

Removed wood because I never used it, as well as blockhouse falconets etc.

Added the gold thing in Age 1 and infinite card in 4

I tried petards and none of them were even blowing up. SImilar when I was using cossacks, they would not obey my attack command and just sat and didn’t attack all the while they were being shot at. It was very annoyinh

Not sure why, but that’s always been an issue since the start of the game. Melee units sometimes just don’t listen to commands, even when you click twice, especially on big treaty games. I don’t really have that issue (luckily) but my units trip up once in a blue moon like that