Multiplayer Server Issues March 21, 2020

Same here. This issue really need to be fixed asap!

Me and my friend from Ireland are having problems getting into games. The game lobby dropped to a complete red. About 2 hours I tried to get into games and it kept saying unknown error


Yeah, having same issue here. My friends and I are trying for a couple of minutes now… Everything is red.

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Same here!, Servers are red!! Not possible to play multiplayer!!

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Same here!, Servers are red!! Not possible to play multiplayer…

How can we report this?

Not only that there is a bug preventing your created lobby being visible on lobby browser which prevents people joining your lobby

Same here. High latency, cant create games :frowning:

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same here in germany. Has someone more information?

Same here.

Two nights in a row, servers down in CET peak hours.
I love this game to bits but this is getting ridicolous.
I am very curious about which are the causes of these problems: insufficient resources in terms of server hosting? some form of DDOS targeting microsoft xbox services? what is this incredible problem that a colossus like Microsoft cannot solve?

I mean, AoE’s multiplayer was always riddled with problems but one would hope that with the third iteration of this game in 20 years, some of those problems would be solved by now.
At least give us back the self=hosting possibility so we can play with our friends.

I don’t really hope to get an answer from someone at this point, but at least I’m venting a bit.


Same here, 4 of us trying to create a lobby but it’s impossible

Totally agree with you!! This game is amazing but it is sad how many problems we are having now for playing online. Too many bugs, servers do not respond properly.

Same story as yesterday… Unable to create a lobby

This is really bs. we want to play the game but there is always connection issues.

Having the same server issues… can’t start queue in ranked match making, or even create a party to invite a friend

What a pile of s***t. I bought this game for 20 euro and there are always problems. Microsoft devs suck!

Ye same here, kinda ■■■■■■. And not a single moderator/dev/official have responded with a single update either. Thats what is most irritateing. Not on twitter, not here, no server status page, no nothing. Everything is ■■■■■■ and no one cares.



Is anyone still facing the issue of lack of connection/creation of lobby for AGE 2 DE?

Their Facebook page says servers are up but I cannot see any.

salme issue here, cant create or join a multiplayer game

Hi, I bought the game yesterday with my bro on Steam with the hopes we can play on the same party.
So, Me i try to create a party, its write connection refused for the first time then the second time i have a crash. NB : my computer is very new and powerfull, i can play every AAA games with full graphism without problem and my internet connection is perfect (very fast).
And my brother try to create too from his home and he have the same mistake, I have played only one party from yesterday. WTF its normal ? Can we get refund ? I feel so frustrated to paid a game i cant play as promise.

The servers are down at the moment.
Please try again later.