Multiplayer service disconnects and stops for some time

when i start que. some time goes by. then suddenly some error pops up and cant connect game it says. and i go to main screen and shows service disconnceted. then i click reconnect. then i select multiplayer services. it shows ur muyltiplayer game is paused for the given time. first it was for 10 min then 30 min then 1 hr then 2 hr. i m, not able to play game. I did not leave queue. why the hell my services are paused. I did not leave queue. u guys are not letting me play. go through game log what went wrong. and resume my game asap. I am frustrated. I complained earlier as it happened before. but no solution and also u guys are not resuming services. dont do this becasuse of ur game is not optimized good. i m frustrated. resume my game and optimize ur app issues.

i literally tried after 30 min it paused for another 1 hr then now for another 2 hrs. its so annoying. i want it resume plz.