Multiplayer Stuttering and Lag/Disconnects

Hi guys,

Been trying to rack my brain over this one and I’ve come up empty. Any support would be appreciated.

Firstly I want to preface that my graphics card runs single player perfectly fine with Ultra graphics enabled and max resolution. However, as soon as I enter a multiplayer game, my game stutters beyond belief. It doesn’t really feel like an FPS thing as the graphics card seems to cope fine between the stuttering. Sometimes it takes ages for for any input to engage - e.g. I will Q to queue a village and it will take the game 5 seconds to actually start the queue time. This stuttering usually gets worse until the game seems to “de-sync” from everyone else and and then will just freeze, forcing me to resign or quit the game.

I feel awful because the only way I can test if any change I make actually works is by joining a public match with out people. Please can someone help me out. My ping is fair for the most part paired with my local server and I pass the benchmark test always over 1150 or so.

Thanks so much in advance!

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