Multiplayer - Total Games and Total Wins decreased

I had played about 10 multiplayer games and when I won my fifth game I noticed that the number of games and wins I had decreased. Has anyone ever experienced this? Just when I went to release the spearman icon, that happened. :frowning:

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Now I have 5 games played and 3 wins. How is this possible?

Hello @AntonioAgria! Welcome to the forums!

Do you have screenshots of the mentioned issue?
Maybe it can help if you post some…


Anyway, this post belongs to #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-de-bugs
There you will find the attention you need from devs!


As you see, I just have 5 games and 3 wins. But I played at least 10 games and win 5. It was showing correctly before, and suddendly showed wrong like this.

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