[Multiple Polls] Pausing Needs to be Changed/Limited: Definitive Discussion Thread

Isn’t that exactly how it currently work on 1v1s?

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10 pauses for each player (20 pauses global) and are non personal, so P2 can undo P1 pause at any given time, also, pauses are not limited in time, so P1 can freely pause for 30 minutes if he wants, if it’s a real life emergency, you won’t miss 20-60 lp that much


Oh. I thought it was 5 pauses for each.

The timer is not a bad idea!!

There was a nice thread on pausing here. You might like some of the ideas proposed:

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I dont like auto unpausing, since it just happens. For normal pauses players asks if everyone is ready.After “dead time” everyone can unpause is a much better rule for me.

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Got me there, and yes! I do like more the idea of “after dead time expires, everyone in the game can undo P1 pause” might also be good to say “if P1 exceeds his dead time in any pause by him, he can’t be the next one pausing the game in his team”

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I already made a definitive thread about this as Darkness said. This is duplicate info. Please everyone go and vote for what kind of pausing system you want and let us know if you have any other ideas.

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  1. Someone already linked your post.
  2. Too many polls, already voted and here is a nice discussion, with extra ideas, not so individual, so I genuinely think it is good to have both threads growing so forum boys can get a better idea of what they want and what not to have a better vote in your post :slight_smile:

The staff will pretty much merged those threads into 1 thread. Doesnt really matter if we continu here or in other thread. I bet it will be soon 1 thread.

And i hope devs will listen to these ideas :slight_smile:

Still considered a removal…

There’s a report button there. You might be able to use it.

That can be heavily abused.
Guy goes AFK for 1 min
They raid his base when he is AFK.

why moved my theme here, if it has nothing to do with this topic.

-He says that the pause system need changes

  • I say that the pause system should not exist in ranked games.
    As you can see, they are two very different things.

I read that he said something like " I have already made a topic, they all go to my topic and vote" but I did not listen to him because they are two different things and everything he proposes makes us wish there were no changes to the system.

I would not have remained silent and I would have explained that are two different things, or at least includes two more options, to remove the pause system from the game (no 1 want it but is an option), or the one that I say to remove the pause system from ranked games.

i didnt come because was 2 differents things, i didnt vote cause all options damage the pause system, better stay this way. if only consider his options

change and disabled are two different things, so someone can answer me, why changed the topic here without including the option to remove the pause in ranked in the voting

without the option that I say, I will vote, my vote is " leave the system as is", anything here will worsen the game in ranked and games with friends, perhaps something will serve for normal games with strangers(but still most would prefer as is)

The staff will kinda similar ideas very frequently without any post. It is just how this forum works.

In both threads the discussion is about what to to with pauses into to game. One player suggests do nothing, another will tell just remove the system. A third thinks we need to change the system. I understand all this discussion can be done in one thread. All different points of view can be put togehter.

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I’m fine with adjustments to current pause system, but for AOE II DE in general and custom games I think this option is important enough to make it selectable with multiple possible states which then can be filtered too:

  1. Disabled (no pause system active or available)
  2. Default (pause system active like it is now)
  3. Community (according to whatever is decided regarding the polls here)
  4. Custom (mandatory values configured by the custom scenario)

You could even add a specific one as mandatory for ranked.

I would like to propose something.
During the pause, you cannot move your screen to inspect other parts of the maps. You are locked on the place where you are. You cannot select units nor buildings nor give orders.
This should be true even for solo games (campaigns). Otherwise it’s not real-time strategy, it’s easy to turn it into a turn by turn game.

Really bad suggestion. It is none of your business, what other players do in single player.

A lot of strategy/rpg games have real-time gameplay with unlimited actions during pauses. This allows players to experience fast gameplay, while also having possibility to think things through and execute a lot of actions in short amount of time. This has been a feature of AOE 2 single player since 1999 and should not be changed.

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But then you don’t train properly for multiplayer.

Plenty of people play only single player and don’t care about multiplayer at all. If player wants to avoid getting used to pausing habits in single player, which won’t work in multiplayer, then he just has to discipline himself to use pausing only like it can be done in multiplayer.


In HD there is a limit of 3 pauses allowed. Is it different now in DE???