Multiple Scenario editor bugs

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33315.0 4426672
  • Platform: Steam


  1. All settings will reset if you click on options then hit cancel. This is extraordinarily frustrating as it resets all settings and even presets.
  2. Many triggers do not work as intended. Changing armor, attack, and ownership (these I’ve tested extensively) simply do not work as intended. Armor and Attack will typically compile to some random value unless you set type to 0 and quantity to a value below 50 - otherwise it freaks out. Change ownership always reverts to “units” selected and thus can not convert buildings.
  3. Dead unit objects (dead knight, dead light cav, etc.) are missing despite being present in the new Timurid campaign.
  4. General crashes at random points with no errors, warning, or acknowledgement of a crash afterwards.

Maybe this helps?

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