Music DLC

I just wondering … we all love the civs loading theme right ??
Soo will be great if the add as a DLC to the game like the soundtrack …
What to do thing , I like to read your toughts …

PD : If they make it real , please fix the spanish one


What do you mean by “fix the Spanish one”?

You can extract it from the in-game files


The new one is better in my opinion.


I concur the new one is vastly superior.

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The new Spanish theme is the sole reason as to why the Spanish are my favourite civ well that is if you don’t include conquistadors.

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how? Because i canr find it

Add the classic Ieaaaaiiii … from the original

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Not nearly as unique

It’s unique but it’s not any good.

Its better than the current Jingle. As a theme it may not have worked I guess but the Jingle is far far better

The new theme is great but its lacking as a jingle

AoC jingle was so comically cliché, it was kind of cringe.

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I love it as cliche as it is. Its just dumb and fun and very unique

Also Spanish people seemed to be fine with it anyway