"Musket Infantry" tag should be renamed to "Line Infantry"

I love the addition of the “Rifle Infantry” & and “Musket Infantry” tag to help differentiate the unit categories better and the card effects less cumbersome.

Now with the african civs (and technically with the bolas warrior & tommahawk as well) There are more units that will need to be counted as Musket Infantry for the purposes of upgrades and cards but you know not use a musket.

So to simplify this, I suggest just renaming the Musket Infantry tag to Line Infantry for that group of high HP heavy infantry with a high base attack. This will simplify a lot of potentially weird units into them.


it would be historically accurate too. Just take a look at “redcoats”

They are not using muskets, they are using martini-henry rifles. But they used line tactics against Zulus in Rorke’s Drift. And also in all the battles they involved until World Waar One.


I was going to make a topic for this, but I guess it already exists so I’ll revive it. In addition to the ones you mentioned, all the pistol wielding outlaws are also part of this class. So that means a 3rd of all “musket infantry” don’t actually have muskets. “Line infantry” would be a much more inclusive and appropriate name for the standard ranged heavy infantry units.

Screenshot (192)

Unfortunately, now they’ve named a Habsburg unit “Line Infantry”. However, that was a supremely dumb move and shouldn’t disqualify a unit class from getting the name. Regardless of a tag name change, Habsburgs should have “Line Infantry” replaced with something that is actually Habsburg such as Grenzers.

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Grenzers would fit better as some sort of skirm. How about this?

That could possibly work, but it seems pretty specific to one regiment.

This description of Grenzers describes them as originating from skirmishers but becoming more like line infantry by the time of the Napoleonic Wars (or at least a hybrid between line infantry and skirmishers).

I think this could be represented by a “line infantry” unit that has a ranged multiplier against other heavy infantry in exchange for a reduced multiplier versus cavalry. Different stances could also further tweak their multipliers.

Hm Grenzers are already in the game too as a Revolutionary unit. Unless ofc you switch that out too. Alternatively if we want to keep the vague name scheme for this unit we could also just rename them to “Foot guards”, which seems a little more fitting coming from a royal house. Not sure how accurate to history that would be though.

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The “Grenzers” in the game absolutely should be switched out. They’re just a generic revolutionary with the name Grenzer slapped on it for the Hungarian revolution. But it’s a terrible fit because Grenzers were overwhelmingly not Hungarian. Honvéd would be a much more accurate name for that unit.

However, the Grenzers were first and foremost skirmishing troops and were thought not to perform as well in the role of line infantry as the regular regiments

Anyway… to become Grenzers the unit would need a complete overhaul appearance wise. The current unit is very much based on the German line Infantry.
Looking at images of Grenzers, the dismounted Infantry and the Hungarian Grenzers look the part much better.

I’m all for a complete replacement of both Habsburg units. Both are terribly designed, terribly named, and have no connection to the Habsburgs.

I’d be happy with Grenzers in whatever form they take. It would probably be most accurate to make them function like the German Landwehr unit. Landwehrs are completely redundant for Germany anyways so they could just be renamed a shifted to Habsburgs as Grenzers. Their unit model even fits well.

The “Line Infantry” unit could then use the name Landwehr or they could be named “Whitecoats” since that’s clearly the unit model they are using.