"Musket Infantry" tag should be renamed to "Line Infantry"

I love the addition of the “Rifle Infantry” & and “Musket Infantry” tag to help differentiate the unit categories better and the card effects less cumbersome.

Now with the african civs (and technically with the bolas warrior & tommahawk as well) There are more units that will need to be counted as Musket Infantry for the purposes of upgrades and cards but you know not use a musket.

So to simplify this, I suggest just renaming the Musket Infantry tag to Line Infantry for that group of high HP heavy infantry with a high base attack. This will simplify a lot of potentially weird units into them.


it would be historically accurate too. Just take a look at “redcoats”

They are not using muskets, they are using martini-henry rifles. But they used line tactics against Zulus in Rorke’s Drift. And also in all the battles they involved until World Waar One.