My 2 pennies

Hi, I thought I had already posted this but I cant find it.

Heres what Id like to see added if possible.

Ranked screen:

Chat box, whilst you are waiting for the game to find someone to play.

The number of people currently searching for ranked games or total people playing ranked at that time.


Total number of players playing unranked in game or otherwise.

Maybe rooms for players to go into to search for people more their skill level. Newbie / Rook / Intermediate / Pro.

You cant access each higher room until you have x amount of games under your belt, I dunno if that would work.

Friends list:

A section of the screen that shows your buddies online. Its a pain to tab out each time but not as bad as adding a friend. That requires time and patience as the screen names arent always the steam names. Not sure if its the same with Xbox?
A right click, invite to be friends option would be great even better if it was available in the lobby rooms!

I did have more but it looks like alot of the ideas have ben covered in their own topics.

Looking forward to the next patch, things are getting better and better on here. Im really enjoying the game. Its hard to find a game of same skilled players as there seems to be so many noobs to the game. Which is a great thing in itself!


What I commonly do is give people my steam code. It’s short and easy to paste, and don’t suffer from any duplicate username problem. For Xbox player I don’t have a clue how this is manageable.

But overall, I agree with you on everything. UI and social features still need big improvements.