My Age 3 DE wishlist (mostly better unit controls)

I want Scouts to have an Auto-Explore function.

I want units to have an Aggressive Mode setting.

I want actual Formation options. The game suggests that there are Formations in the game but there actually isn’t.

I want Pause to not put a giant unmovable box in the middle of the screen.

I want the Escape key to bring up the menu.

I want a Command Console for cheats.

I want an Auto-Repair option on buildings. Right click to set it to auto.

I want a Guard unit command. For guarding another unit or a building.

I want a Follow unit command.

I want an ‘Auto Ability Use’ option on units.

I want a Default Stance option for buildings which create units. So they spawn with a certain Stance.

I want a No Attack stance for units.

I want units to return to their original spot when being in Defensive Mode and fighting a nearby enemy. Instead of ending up all over the ■■■■ place.

I want a smaller UI. The UI takes up almost 1/3 of the bottom screen. This always annoyed me.

I want the game to separate Stances, Modes and Formations from each other. For some extremely dumb nonsensical reason the game puts Volley Mode, Stagger Mode, Cover Mode, Melee Mode, Defend Mode, and Stand Ground Mode into the same category. And you can only select one. These are completely different things that are not related to each other.

‘Volley Mode’ is not what it sounds like, which is a way of shooting in unison. It’s actually just an option to enable ranged attack instead of melee attack. Volley Mode should be renamed to ‘Ranged Attack’ and put into an ‘Attack Mode’ category with ‘Melee Mode’. These two things are related and control how a unit physically fights.

Stagger Mode is a spacing option which tells units spread out to limit artillery fire damage. This is an option that should be in its own category. It has nothing to do with anything else. Either your units are staggered or not. All units should be able to enter Stagger mode.

‘Defend Mode’ and ‘Stand Ground’ mode are what’s known as ‘Stances’ in the other Age games. They are aggression options which determine how aggressively your units fight other units. These two things are related and should be in their own category called ‘Stance’ or something like that. And on top of the two that are already there, two more Stances should be added. And those are ‘Aggressive Mode’ and ‘No Attack Mode’.

Defend Mode should make your units fight nearby enemies and then return to their spot. Currently in the game, units on Defend Mode will fight nearby enemies and then don’t return to their original spot. Which means your units end up all over the place which is obviously really annoying. Stand Ground Mode should make your units fight enemies but remain in place and not move at all. Aggressive Mode should make your units attack nearby enemies and follow them until they are dead. No Attack Mode should make your units remain in place and not attack any enemies.

I want all units to have all these options on them when it makes sense. Cannons for example literally only have two control options on them, Bombard Mode and Limber Mode.

Almost all of these things are in Age 1/Age 2. Never understood why they were removed in Age 3. The unit controls got especially bad in Age 3 and it made combat really annoying in my opinion.


I’d really like some features included, such as:

  • Friend or foe colors (and not only in the minimap, but also in the models themselves)
  • To select all idle (military and economy) units.
  • To have tutorials (Art of War already confirmed)
  • To have a day-night cycle (optional), and have visibility affected negatively by darkness.
  • To be able to use multitasking with units, with the shift click functionality.

As a side note, I would like developers to listen to the community and take notes on what’s discussed the most and obviously bug reports by people that spend their time finding them.

there is though, advance formation gives you live, 1 of them is even abused online with cavalry.

i dont see how this is necessary when you can simply click enter and then enter the cheatcode.

pleas no.

no thank you.

well good news, the new UI will take up less space, but i think it is debatable how good it is. also currently you can already reduce the UI size and get more screen for the game if you want to.

personally i think the unit controls are exactly how they should be for an RTS game, simple and to the point, you dont need 50 unit options if no one ever uses them.


no way, i don t want to play auto game or i dont play age of empire game i play mobile game instead…

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All of this except day/night cycle is already included in the original game… have you played it? I’m genuinely confused.

Sorry. It’s been some time since I played the “regular” version. I’m relieved for what you just said :relieved:

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