My age development is never shown beyond age II and III - I never see IV

Hi there!

After a multiplayer game ends, my stats never show when I levelled up from age II or III … to age IV

You can view my last game, played 2 hours ago, where I surely went all the way to age IV but it I just see age II in the summary ( where I can compare all the 4 teams that were competing ). I shows III and IV for all the other players, but it’s like I was stuck at age II, but again … I surely reached the IV age!

Please have a look at this, this has happened to me multiple times, in the summary window after I finish a multiplayer game against other players ( not AI Skirmish )


This happened again tonight … see my screenshot below, I was at age IV but it just shows III … never shows age IV on the Timeline part of the post screen overview after I’ve played a game … this was a game against the AI in Skirmish where I surely was at age IV since I had a university and all things upgrated to the max

Yes, this is an oversight in the stats screen, and I experience it all the time. I suspect that the missing Imperial age time and stats are low priority at the moment.

Yeah there’s a few missing things in stats screen.