My AOE2 auto say gg by AI but i am playing rank game

i dont know why my game auto say GG twice 2 times
is that terminator hack my AOE2 ?
i didnt type anything
and i hate say gg in mid game feels like i am toxic player

record ( Cantonese )


and i want to say other problem in new patch ,
the auto re formation are so annoying
if you want to chasing army, by Q or A or Right Click Floor , they always re formation, and never success chasing your opponent

also my Archers dont shoot , they will delay first hit but i am not using A /Q move, i am using Right Click to Focus Fire , they will bug sometimes

hi @SC2HongKong could you provide us a video with keyboard on screen where we can make sure you did not type it by mistake? thanks

i can promise i am not trolling you guys, its randomly comes out. In the stream , i talking to my chat " wtf is going on " and how can i micro my unit and at the same tim , type gg 2 times :sweat_smile: i m not trolling , is real bug