My AOE4 Wish

My wish for AOE4 is just to be a game like AOE2, but with modernized graphics (love the ones in the trailer) bla bla bla…
but i would like to have one particular thing…
I would like to have a “permanent “something””

dont know how to explain this…
do you remember AOE Online guys? where you upgrade your main city? well… make something like that… it adds a sence of progression that i love it…
but dont add the P2W you added on AOE Online xD

i believe its a bit late for you to probably add something like this to your plans… but well… AOE2 its like perfect…
its hard to get something better than that… and i believe the “upgrade” comes on the “extra” things… that should be “Outside” the original gameplay, and adds some more objectives…

i dont know how this should work, since adding “improvement” from having a city fully developed would add unbalance to the game…but i hope you can do something like that haha…

i know… super random wish, without a further development…
i hope you understand xD

The only way to do that is with cosmetics that do not affect gameplay. And even cosmetics could negatively affect visual clarity and immersion, so gameplay, therefore they would need to be careful about that too or add an on/off option for people that don’t want to see them.

Otherwise grind/levelup-to-win, as in any advantage a player can get before a match, has no place in RTS, we would be back at the same problems AoEO and AoE3 brought along initially.

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Yes the problem with a system like this, which would unlock new units after unlocking new buildings, is that it would benefit those who xp a lot. But i remember it was fun to develop our city in aoe online :stuck_out_tongue:

My wish for AOE4 is just to be a game like AOE2, but with modernized graphics

It will definitely not be just like AoE II, and that’s great.

But I can kinda agree with the rest of your opinion, since having a customizable, upgradeable city that stands apart from every game was fun. AoE III did it fine and bad at the same time imo (fine because the deck system did fit really well with the colonial era and the metropolis, but bad because the metropolis upgrades were really meh and mostly aesthetic). But I’m not sure of how would it fit the medieval era… having an upgradeable and customizable capital city is a mechanic that doesn’t fit good all civilizations, and factions will be asymmetric, so designing such a system while keeping a proper game balance sounds like an unnecessary headache.

Let’s see if devs have decided to introduce that kind of mechanic into the game, it would be really interesting at least. But I really hope they don’t get back the deck system. Cards did fit really well in AoE III because of the game setting, but medieval era is not the same.

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Later someone will probably do a mod about it if it came out to be true that otherwice the game is not so good. But if the game is good, I bet no one bothers.

Respect your opinion, but I don’t think it is a great one. You’re asking for monetary implementation that would help you progress further (although cosmetic, but still a progression) in game. Not a good idea!


they said,aoe4 won’t include no p2w things or cosmetics.just dlcs and expainsions

You’re basically asking for something all AoE III players like about AoE III, which happens to be the exact same reason why many AoE II players dislike AoE III

No, read better what i said… yes i want progression, but i dont want something like AOE3 that added unbalance…
I dont know what i want in fact… cuz i dont know how they achieve progression without adding “beneffits” to the ones who progress…
but thats what i want…

And something like the “main city” of AOE Online its more in my plans than the development in AOE3

Haha, so you don’t know what you want. Trust me, what you will not want is to have a dead AoE4. Let’s say you’re going to eventually level all the way up all those things tied to progression. And after you finish the silly grind, then what? You are going to look down at another dead RTS game.
Progression doesn’t belong in an RTS, this is not why people play it, this is what kills it.

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Maybe AoE IV could have a concept of ingame specific achievements which can unlock constructing a customize-able building in your own out-of-game Empire.
It will provide ingame info/guides in an artistic manner on & around the achievement and 2 tips towards two other achievements.
Eventually you’ll have raised 30 such buildings in your out-of-game Empire.

Optional Game Scenario:
…Through second DLC, as a bonus feature…
In an unique game scenario, players may use ‘customize-able’ civ variants, and you may adjust such stats within these out-of-game buildings.

A fresh player is meant to manage any achievement if seeking so, managing on 3 or fewer tries.