My best looking screenshots of aoe4!

It has a been a long time since the original SCREENSHOT THREAD has been made , now we have the game! so i am going to post my best looking screenshots ,
This one is for me the best looking one , look at that generation of stealth forest and a sacred site in the middle!

This is an art of war screenshot that looks prety nice if you ask me

campaing screenshots:

And this is one of my cities , this city is called The castle town , named by one guy of the discord and i think is prety nice looking .

Another art of war screenshot…

And other screenshots of the rus.

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Nice. what settings are you using because your game looks better then mine

all on max. graphics on high , textures on high , etc… and anti alising or whatever is writen to High (some how it looks better for me)

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Wow those look really good, especially the castle town and the two Rus city screenshots.

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