My Christmas wish list for AOE3 DE




observer mode? there is spectator mode, which is the diference?

about the casual rank , first i would show info inside the game explaining what does the stars, etc mean and how long they last, because most people dont even know


Sorry only things available from Santa’s list are:

OP civs
Event challenges

{Troll Face}

But seriously…some of those items on the list looks so easy to fix / add but add so much benefit with the experience of the game…not sure why devs just don’t do them.

Fix the annoying “closest region” default option. Like nobody ever chooses that. Just forces users to do extra clicks and creates confusion to the players.

Status of friends displayed next to there name and ensure its sorted by the status (online friends are at the top and in alphabetic order). I mean you can see if ur friend is online/offline…just requires a million clicks to get there. Why design it that way? Doesn’t make sense.

casual lobby sorting. When players look for a game in the lobby…they look for 3 things…a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 game, the game mode and what is the level of skill is in the game.
At the moment…only game mode can be sorted. Why did they make it that you can sort how many players are in a game? Nobody sorts by that. And also adding max elo to the lobby would make a huge difference.

elo number is so boring. We don’t have to go back completely to ranks. But create some way to categorise elo numbers that will allow players to quickly see an estimate of a players skill level…like color borders are there avatar (I.e. white = elo of 1100-1300, dark blue = 1900+ etc. )

being able to check a players deck while in lobby is another good one. Can’t imagine why that would be difficult to implement.

post game summary…I miss the legacy where it’s so much easier who dominated a game in which category. DE game summary design needs rework.

observer mode…not the same as spectator mode. Spectator mode is only good for casual spectators…in tournaments…it’s just not a good option. Observer mode where u allow observers to jump into a lobby game as a spectator.
Advantage here is it allows casters and viewers to see the process of players choosing civs, observers can chat with players in game (i.e. check map balance etc…) and it’s truly live (spectator mode can be a few mins behind).

adding extra info on a players profile. At the moment it’s so basic and boring.

create a way for players to see history of there matches. This can be done on an external website. Having this on legacy really made my experience more fun

I wish the devs played the original aoe3…and not just aoe2. Then they would actually know what was great about aoe3 and improved on it.


i would add to this, info about how much an animals fattens or rot
how many exp per second a tp gives
cards sent and techs developed on spectator mode and savegames like in this savegame [SP] minimoult21[BR] vs LukasL[CH] - Korea.age3yrec (4.2 MB)

a better and flashier animation when a tower hits a militar, becauseits not very perceptible
to be able to see the stats on atack on limber mode on artillery units
the option to see a replay or save game wihout mother nature as a player

Everything on this list i fully agree with! i have no idea how casual players enjoy casual lobbies if they have no idea on peoples rough skill level playing unranked games. also continues to split the playerbasewhich is a whole another argument essentially.

Essentially devs what the players are asking is features which already exist in the old aoe3 TAD game which made that game so good!


Thx for the support! Very good explanation @NearbyDrake3062, can’t be more accurate. I would be glad if 1-2 of these points were included in every patch from now.

Never forget more civs too! :slight_smile: