My cows start closer to oppenents base than my base

First of all whose idea was it to make 3 cows with 150 food instead of the regular 2 sets of 2 sheep with 100 food? Why do you guys keep wanting to change the games mechanics from 20 years of tested and loved master piece? Did you guys get bored while making DE and wanted to add something new?

Second look at this, my cows are literally closer to the opponents base than mine. You can’t even put my TC and the cows in the same frame and im playing at 1440 with full zoom but I can easily fit his TC and my cows in the same frame. After bitching about the map pool for an hour and finally getting arabia DE decides to ■■■■ me again because they dont want us to enjoy this game at all. Now I have to play against Mayans with 450 food less and even worse I spent the entire dark age looking for them and didn’t see the MAA he sent forward.

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Is that Arabia? How should I see that, do they randomly switch between cows or sheep between games?

Yeah its arabia. They randomly switch between sheeps and cows. Cows are different because there are only 3 of them so they are less useful for scouting and they come in 1 set of 3 as you can see if they end up spawning closer to your enemy or they get lamed you are basically down more than 1 boar or 4 sheep at once.

Ofcourse, more variables is what this game needs. Again one more thing you need to be aware of. It never stops with these guys. Who do they think they are? Any one with common sense would keep their hands off or stick to a purely graphical reskin.

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I know thats what is so frustrating to me as well. Before they make any changes to a timeless masterpiece they should pitch the idea to everyone in HC3 and T90 because he has seen more games than anyone else in the world. Imagine telling them like alright guys we are thinking about adding cows to the game but instead of being just a reskin to sheep there will be 1 set of 3 of them and they will come with 150 food each and they will take 2 shots to kill instead of 1…

Everyones reply would be like, but why? but-why-meme

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In their minds variety probably adds to the game, no serious player would even consider that. Everyone that is actively trying to learn this game is already overwhelmed. There is no need to change something that is perfectly fine. I’m definitely not the type of player that needs to be entertained by such nonsense.

Yeah true but honestly I think the biggest issue with the game right now is hidden civs. I am so sick of playing against the same meta top tier civs in every map. And if I am gonna have to play against a picked civ at least let me know so I dont go random. One of the biggest things I loved in this game was going random civs and thinking about a plan during dark age. That was real variety. Not this cow bs.

I have been reading your comments and I share your sentiment across multiple topics. I refuse to buy the game, I can’t ■■■■ myself over like that. No choice over maps is probably the biggest issue for me. As much as I want to like the game they have put up too much obstacles, the list is too long.

I fully agree, they even made a “cheat” way for civ picking to go unnoticed :pensive: What a creative way to discourage random civ and ■■■■ over your playerbase.