My current thoughs

Hi good people,

Things Id like implemented if possible:
a overall counter to let people know how many people are currently online in the lobbies both playing and not playing.

Lobbies that actually show up in the lobby!
My friends and I are having a nightmare with this. One will host and the others will search for it, we take it in turns and waste so much gaming time trying to get a joinable lobby.

Play quick match you say, yeah sure but you cant pick team positions, why not? Why no chat window in ranked or quick match when your waiting some 6 plus minutes for a game? And one of my friends regularly drops when game established comes up. Which equates to more wasted gaming time.

These are kind of the fundamentals of multiplayer, please have a look into this.


I don’t know if this helps, but if you’re on Steam you can use the Steam overlay to invite and join friends’ lobbies instead of searching for it.


Pretty much no one would recommened quick play at all. It is pretty much trash.

Hi, yeah this is a neat way of getting your friends into your room but it doesnt help find opponents to vanquish !

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