My Dream Outlaw Changes

The implementation of papal units sucks in current game and this would be both a change for the worse for outlaws and thematically illogical.

Outlaws are meant to represent settlers or natives that have gone rogue from civilization, they are map dependant for most civs because they are already there. Getting them as popless shipments from your homecity makes no sense.

I’d rather see Dance Halls/Theatre card give outlaws a higher coin cost in exchange for a pop cost equivalent to regular units. They should effectively be a sort of halfway between mercs and regulars, being less costly than mercs and weaker, but more costly than regular units while being the same pop and having special abilities or fill niches in army compositions. This part is mostly for the USA/Mexico outlaws though.

Hausa don’t have an equivalent of an age V mercenary contractor, but Ethiopia can ally with Arabs and USA has New York.

Mercenaries are supposed to be eventually replaced with professional armies that’s what happened historically.

Well at any rate I would like mercenaries unlocked at the tavern via shipments instead of random mercenaries.

They don’t have Age V mercenary contractor because again, both Ethiopia and Hausa mercenaries shadowtech. As in they get the bonus for free. USA divides that bonus into the age up and a card included with the age up.

Not as shipments from the metropolis, but from the bar / tavern.

Something similar to how to hire mercenaries in the SC-2 wings of liberty campaign.

“The merc compound trains mercenaries hired in story mode with credits. The mercenaries are hired instantly at a mineral and vespene cost, at which point that unit type is put on a cooldown timer before it can be hired again.”

I think they should be support or complement units, not very expensive or cheap. But not very strong either.

I would like Central America and the Caribbean, like South America, to have more varied and unique outlaws. South America right now has the outlaws of America’s Old West. The human treasure keepers are also often outlaws from the old west and the ‘cabin’ type treasures have a style that I think is also very old west.