My fastest castle age on arena

SP Replay v101.101.45340.0 @2021.03.08 141146.aoe2record (1.1 MB)
Got 11:07min, I definetely got some idle time. Maybe sub 11minutes is possible


Reaching castle age as fast as possible dont really needs to be a goal. You need to reach castle age asap with the eco to support your strategy choice. Adding some more vills in dark age can be benefical in the long run.


this was more of a speedrun than an actual multiplayer strat :slight_smile:


that was pretty entertaining to watch. god job. the gold miners made me laugh haha :smiley:

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I seen 10:30 but for any of these kind of things to be records/leaderboard/speedrun it kind of need fixed settings and be connected with the patch it played on too.

For the castle age with strategy, about 14;30 with mayans back in the day when eagles only came in warrior and elite warrior with no feudal version.

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SP Replay v101.101.45340.0 @2021.03.08 165654.aoe2record (1.1 MB)
Update: I got the thing done in 10:55, so a whole 12 seconds faster. Im so proud 11

haha I was panicking quite a lot there

10:30 sounds tough. I imagine that was on a different patch. Mbl did such shenanigans on BF all the time :smile:

Is it mongols. I could only do 12:40 back in aoc time

I’ve recently made an approximation and got the conclusion, that boomwise it is actually the strongest to go 28+2 for most civs. Because with this you could transition into 4 tc boom. (the exact calc gave me adding 2.8 tcs instantly would be optimal, but 3 is closer to it than 2 - and of course IF you can supply 3 tcs earlier (black forest mongols(!)) an earlier uptime would be benefitial.
The approx is vague yet, so I will try it some time to give an exact feedback if it is indeed better for the boom to slightly delay the fc. The reasoning for the assumpion is the higher amount of working vills while aging up can give you so much more res for the boom, so it is way easier to build and support more tcs initially.

So fastest castle time is not automatically the best strat, also for booming. I also think for mongols in arena would it actually be stronger to go 27+2 or so, so you can transition into 4 tc boom, because with
17 + 2 you can only transition into a 2 tc boom and need to fix your eco. The moment when you can add more tcs the other player should actually already have closed the gap.

But 11:07 is impressive without almost any idle time, grats.

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it is Khmer, I got the feeling this civ is made for speedrunning lol

Well that’s bad. the khmer fc is actually useless. I alreday wondered how this time was possible with mongols 11

why do you think so? I remember Khmer actually was a pretty popular pick for pros playing closed maps

Because you damage your whole game with that greedyness. You need to build the buildings anyways, so there is actually no benefit in delaying them.
Instead the faster uptimes damage your eco.

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how can khmer get that much food so early…by no one getting wood?
DO u build mining camp?

No, the concept of khmer speedrun is to not build any buildings. Just get sheep + hunt + 100 g to age up.
And of course that kind of fc is just useless because you have to build mill + camps anyways.

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What a nonsense xD Khmer have the strongest 28+0 boom in the game

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Well the cuman (and malay) boom is better. But for sure, it’s nonsense to damage your boom with a silly strat like that.
I also think khmer could make a 29+0 into 4 tc boom. But that needs testing. Maybe 30+0 is a better approach for this.

Cuman boom is nothing better, neither Malay xD

I guess the strat which is played on almost every Hideout on HC4 is silly 11

Well you should read the post first before claiming that nonsense you do.
I specially referred to that strat the TO made. This is uselesse. I never said that there aren’t other khmer strats using partially that bonus worth doing.
Why are you doing this? It’s just annoying that I have to clarify this now, just because you claim things I never said. Do you have a personal problem with me?

Well, I made 83 vils by 22:20 with cumans (inc all castle eco upgrades). And this was far from optimal. Try to beat this with khmer, I wish you luck.