My favorite civ needs a buff

My civ is far too weak and I keep losing ranked games. None of my losses are attributed to my mistakes, it’s all because my civ needs a buff.

All my civs landmarks suck, they should be replaced with better ones. Also, it needs a special unit in feudal that claps all other feudal units. Plus it needs an insane economy bonus. Also, the late game is way too weak, there should be a bonus that lets the civ win automatically when it reaches imp.

All other civs are way overpowered and need a nerf. Especially the three civs that I recently lost to on the ranked ladder.

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I need Japan.
Japanese have a “clan system”.
Clan A buff cavalry
Clan B buff infantry
Clan C buff economy
Clan D buff navy

And get a Daimyo with aura
Samurai should cut other units into pieces




Doesn’t really have anything to do with what I said but okay.

What’s your fav civ lol?




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I just think it’s outrageous that I sometimes loose games. I paid money for the game, so the developers should make it appealing for me. I can’t stand the fact that my civ is too weak. None of my losses are due to lack of skill. I am an incredibly skilled player, always going for the best strategy and the best units.

But my civ just definitely needs a buff. It is way too weak and I expect my civ to get serious buffs so I can finally win all games.