My first experience playing an Age of Empires game

I remember visiting my cousins house in Texas one summer way back when. That was when she showed me and my brother a game called Age of Mythology. We tried it out and we both knew we had to have it. After saving up our pennies for weeks and doing chores for money we finally could afford it and it was the greatest experience we had in an RTS game. From that day forward I have been a huge fan of the Age of Empires games. I remember one day finding my dads old PC games and Age of Empires 1 was one of them. I have played it for many hours and can’t wait to try out the definitive edition.

my first game was age of empires 1 when i was 6 lol

@viktoragefan said:
my first game was age of empires 1 when i was 6 lol

yeah same, I never knew how to advance to the next age lol. I remember sending my armies of clubmen to fight off wololo’s and armies of centurions. I also only played as civs with the coolest sounding names.

My first expirence was when I took over my BFs account because he was the worst player in aoe history always getting yelled at lol…I used to build his eco and let him take over at battle…But he was really bad, worse then me …So I tried a full game alone…I was hooked and still am lol.

I was playing in 1997. It jump started a love of history and taught me most of what I know about the Hittites.

In my first memorable game (Hittite campaign) I used workers to cut through the forest to the enemy rather than building ships and trying to establish a beachhead. It took forever. I built a fortress on the beach the next time instead, and exhausted the map of gold and stone.

My first time playing was in 1998. I played the third map of the Hittite campaign ‘Opening Moves’
And just like TestableWharf54 i acually chopped my way through to the beach rather than using ships.
I didn’t know any english at the time so i just kinda winged most of it, and wasn’t very good at the game.
I remember being completely destroyed by the stronger red Mitanni once i cleared the beach.

Oh well.