My first time with Age Of Empires I - i was 6 years old

I remember when my mom and dad showed me this game. My first sessions … oh god, laughable. i thought the granary was some defensive structure because how it looks. I had no idea how to build towers. I lost a few times but kept on playing because it was so … magical to me. The artstyle really grabbed me. Then, 2 years later, my PC destroyed my RoR CD while installing the Urban Assault Demo (xD) and my asked my dad to buy a new one. And i got it. WITH the full Urban Assault Game (I love it and play it still today). And then … Age Of Empires II came in. But i didn’t stopped playing the original one. I loved and love both.

Now, today, i have all editions of all Age Of Empires Games plus Age Of Mythology. This is by far my favorite game series ever. I am playing AoE II HD, AoM EE and AOE III versus the hardest AI’s or against other players with my friends very often. To just calm down.

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So beautiful story … without counting the RoR CD getting destroyed :disappointed:

I had the old game when I was nine years old (I don’t remember very well), I had those PC with a boxed monitor and 800x600 screen to play the AOE II. Actually, my dad installed it and played until he got bored of the game (he just played 5 hours :lol:) then he told me to test it and here I am… played every AoE game (Not AoM series) and so far the only franchise that keep me making happy without boring me. :smiley:

Ohh my brother showed me the RoR trial. Especially I liked the 2 last maps, Battle of Mylae and Battle of Tunes. I always remember how I thought stone to be more rare and valuable over gold. Didn’t like the red villagers mining my stone!!

I remember playing AoE II during the Millenium celebrations. :laughing: