My game crashed during a ladder 1v1, and the replay crashes my game at 12:12 every time

I was playing a 1v1 and the game just froze and my game client closed on me. I believe I was going to place my Castle Age landmark, Steppe Redoubt and the game crashed. Every time I watch this replay, I crash at exactly 12:12 as the age up landmark noise sounds. My in-game name is UncleSlim.

Bugged replay info:
Game: Quick Match
Players: 2
Game Mode: Standard
Map: Nagari
Result: Defeat ()
Date: 12/14/2021
Opponent: holabuenas8924

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Hey @UncleSlim4959—thank you for the report! If you could contact support here with your warnings.log file, it would be very helpful. Appreciate it!