My greatest wish is that Empire 2 DE can support multicore hyperthreading

Because if this is the case, it will be possible to break the upper limit of 1000 POP-CAP without lag in multi-game. The current version of the CPU has only one core be used when the software is running, and does not seem to support hyper-threading technology too.Now it is usually a multi-core processor CPU.I don’t want this game to be too old-fashioned.


20 years and nothing different…

Most RTS platforms use a single core to run. Sc2 is the only RTS I know that uses more than a single core.

The same question could be asked as to why some of the processing isn’t offloaded to the GPU.

Probably because the game still runs with same engine as the original AoE2. It’s still the same game as it was when it was originally released.

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sc2 is even 10 years old.

I see lots different :slight_smile: Is amazing the evolutions made graphically and otherwise while utilizing the base engine from like 20 years ago. I, personally, am glad they used the old engine; it helps keep it feeling like “AoE2”. When you change engines, you risk losing the spirit of the game. I didn’t originally like the ‘feel’ of AoE3 because it was in a 3D engine compared to AoE1/2’s sprite-based engine. (I’m still not feeling the vibe of AoE3 all that well when I play the AoE3 Collection on Steam these days.)

Nowadays, though, I’m glad AoE3 is in that engine, as it provides a lot of flexibility with things, but I still far prefer the feel of AoE2 largely because of the engine over the vibe of AoE3’s engine. Time will tell what AoE3 DE will bring.

If I’m not mistaken, AoM was in a 3D engine, too? Right? If so, that game’s vibe and graphics were cool. But, still, sprite-based has a certain magic to it for AoE.

Never say never but yeah this is not possible

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i was implying the cpu power and ai problems, mainly.

I think, the reason for using only one core of CPU is because Microsoft do NOT produce processors, CPU and other computer parts.
If some company for computer parts begin to make games, surely they will make their game to be played only at the newest and most EXPENSIVE computers.
I like as it is now.
I do NOT like to spend 2000-3000 dollars to play a new game.

No friend, the reason is that this game engine is from a time where multithreading wans’t a thing on home computers.

Stop being a conspiration theorist everyhwere.

Multicore usage would be amazing.

You mean multi threading, since hyper threading is an intel feature, while amd uses SMT.

It would have been the best to update the code before adding new graphics, there was a topic about this during the beta, but it seems beyond their project to change that.

I mean it was a colossal mistake not to add multi threading for the game, they had the bad experience from the HD as reference, even cpu’s with bad IPC would be able run the game properly using 2 to 4 cores or threads, which means more player could play and recommend the game.