My Guide to AoE future

I came to knew about AoE series when I discover and started to play AoE 3 just 2 or 3 years ago desperate to find higher, brighter quality and lighter graphics just like RoN series. As RoN discountinued it’s actual series after RoN thrones and patriots whereas i hate all fantsay rts like RoN legend. There should have RoN 2 and RoN 3 … after so many years since 2003, 2004. This is my guide to AoE future espically the upcoming AoE IV;-
AoE IV must be styled just like RoN in terms of;-

  1. Concept of Generals, Patriots their abilities and their selection icon
  2. 20th and 21st century ages
  3. Combat stances
  4. Tactical formations upon selections of units on scrolling mouse wheel like vertically compressing, horizontally expanding.
  5. While selecting troops and holding on right click and rotating mouse in a circular position. So that selected troops can change thier direction/face by 360 degrees.
  6. Quality of text information while placing mouse cursor on any units, buildings.
  7. Specs of each unit, buildigns must be shown in a statistical box in a text detail section.
  8. Improved menu features with text detail option like high, low, medium.

AoE IV must have diverse menu and control features or options. There must be a sound option of unit conservations, background taunts so that we had an option to adjust these volumes as we like.

hmm…maybe point two needs some fixing. My fingers literally stops typing when coming up with Ages for next game. So I wont speculate.

Very intresting discussion. I hope that even if AoE IV at least consist additional of WW1 and WW2 ages it will be a great deal. There is a great market of WW1 and WW2 rts in the gaming world. Many rts are still being created and released even now based on historic world wars espically WW 2. I believe AoE franchise prusing it quality and include that world war section of age. Sure AoE may dominate in the market of World War rts, if AoE able to market it’s brand effectively against it’s rivals.