My humble suggestions for possible Turkish faction

Turks (Archery, Gunpowder, Raiding):

Strong Suggestions:

  • No Crossbow (Turks despised crossbows, they thought their composite bows and muskets are sufficient)
  • Cavalry Archers (Until end of 16th century, Cavalry Archers used actively in Ottoman Army)

Mild Suggestions:


  • Game Mechanic: Captives (capped at 50)
    – You gain captives when you kill enemy villagers, fishing ships, trader and trading ships
    – Double foot soldier production in barracks by using captive resource (like Mongols did with the stone)
    – Captives can be sold and bought in market like other resources
  • Ships do 1.5 damage against fishing ships and trading ships
  • Foot Soldiers can build bombards
  • Does not have Archery Range.
    – Barracks can produce foot archers
    – Stable can produce cavalry archers (raiders)
  • Starts the game with mobile town center (once setup, cannot be moved)
  • Starts the game with less workers but more sheep, +1 more scout and 30 population


  • Does not hunt boars but also does not have orchards (starts with more sheep)
  • Blacksmith armor upgrades lags 1 age behind (does not have the Imperial Age armor upgrades)
  • No University/Madrasa (Can only built by Enderun Landmark)

Special units:

  • Janissary (Available in Castle Age [replaces Hand gunners])
  • Raider (Akinji) [only Cavalry Archer option for Turks]
    – Feudal Age upgrade for scouts. Can shoot while moving
    – Expensive, weakly armed and armored. However does 1.5 damage against villagers
    – Has same visibility and speed with scout. However no auto heal.
  • Azaps (Cheap cannon fodder soldier to tie up enemy units)
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Why? they used crossbows plenty in history.

I think this suggestions are very Ottoman centric. And i wish they dont make a generic Ottoman faction. Ottomans not even in the historic scene until the IVX. century. And they didn’t become really powerful until the VX. century.

“Turks” as a faction name is more suitable. It will include much more different state and different periods. And i don’t know if it is possible but they can make eras with different Turkic groups (like Oghuz/Karluks/Kipchaks - Great Seljuks/Karakhanids/Ghaznavids - Anatolian Seljuks/Khwaresmians- Ottomans/Timurids/Tatars etc.) Each era can be choosen between different two states and all of them can give different bonuses and some special units.

We already know there wont be a lot of factions in AoE 4. So with this system they can include lots of different interesting factions in a one faction. Since Turkic factions generally have similar army, social and cultural structure they can be made more easily. Like cavalry based armies, horse archers etc.


Some players saying politics involved with investors money and abbasids will always be the worst civ, turks or Ottoman will face same result as abbasids.

Hopefully they’re wrong and we see new civs and real balance without ignoring specific civs every patch like they doesn’t exist


Yeah it’s becoming increasingly obvious.

They will never add Turks or Ottoman, they were too powerful in history, so many empires, for far longer than Mongols.
It’s the very opposite of their cowardly political ideology.

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These OP suggestions are very nice (quite consistent with the older big Turk thread, have you seen) but I kind of agree with this statement. There is indeed some degree of prejudice here.

You can try Europa Universalis 4, a much more genuine historical game.

Cool suggestion, Great Bombards should be a unique unit.

@mucahitsenol Have you seen this:

I would add the Qapuqulu and the Spahi as options for unique units aswell.

God ■■■■■■■ damnit, Vinfriss again. This guy is pure satire. Who makes 10 alt accounts to promote a long-dead empire and act like they’re perfect?

This one did include those: