My ideas for future bonuses, as part of rebalance or for new civs

  1. Buildings +1/+1 armor - similar to Byzantines and unlike Masonry-Architecture, this bonus affects walls, gates, farms also

  2. Imperial Scorpion - 20 attack - 8 range - 8 pierce armor.

  3. Skirmishers +1 melee armor per age starting in Feudal.

  4. Archer line and Gunpowder units moves +3% faster every age starting in Feudal.

  5. Imperial Unique tech: Siege units +35% attack (both melee and pierce, but not against buildings) - Civilization has full siege tree except Siege Onagers.
    Onagers go from 51 to 69.
    Heavy Scorpions from 17 to 23.
    Bombard Cannons go from 40 to 54.
    Trebuchets go from 201 to 271.

  6. Civilization has Siege Workshop in Feudal Age and access to a unique Ballista unit. Ballista stats:
    HP - 30
    Attack - 8 pierce, 0 melee
    Armor - 0/5
    Affected by Khmer team bonus
    Stats not mentioned similar to Scorpion
    Automatically upgraded to Scorpions in Castle Age

  7. Civilization has access to monastery, monks, fervor and sancity in Feudal Age. Feudal Age monks cannot convert units though. [The first line was planned by Ensemble Studios too]

  8. Imperial Age tech available at TC (Hand Cart required): Villagers move +10% faster and carry +75% resources in one trip.

  9. Towers provide +5 housing space. (can go with the Japanese)

I don’t think the imperial scorpion is a good idea. Celts and Khmer ones are already extremely strong, such a unit would be even stronger.

Same with feudal age “ballistas” they would destroy feudal armies, and make archery range unit useless for the opponent.

Monks in feudal, even if they could convert, would be useless on open maps because you’re just asking to get scout rushed. And even if you do convert something, it’s just a weak feudal age unit that is useless individually. On the opposite it would be broken on say, Arena, because you can start getting the relics one whole age earlier, while your opponent can’t do much besides wasting their age up food on scouts to try and stop you.

Overall I think we’ve got enough “what are age restrictions for” ideas in the game, no more pls.

Don’t have much opinion on the rest, besides that foot archers that walk faster are probs too good.

Imperial scorpion can be a unique unit to a new civ.

I want, as unique units, nuns. Like very cheap monks that can only heal, not converse or relics.

And for other civ, corpse catapult. That was a tactic used by many armies. There are many ways to do that. It could create a damage on time area, or.just poison impacted units with damage on time until healed. That can be difficult to program, so other option is low attack but denies armor. And it can even affect garrisoned units.

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Feel free to copy-paste it here. Make your suggestions part of a bigger collection.