My ideas for nerfing/buffing the new civs

  1. Coustillier: Charge attack = 8 for Standard and 11 for Elite (basically double damage on charged hit); charge reload time halved (20 seconds now). Attack against archer fixed. Cost - can be adjusted slightly in later patches, but seems fine for now

  2. Flemish Militia: -1 or -2 attack nerf on both melee and vs cavalry

  3. Sicilian Farm bonus: Farms have +50 food per age. A free bonus and weaker than original after Crop Rotation. Basically same in early Imperial. Almost same in Feudal Age.

  4. Donjon: cost -25 stone, -5 wood: helps in repairing TCs, rebuilding a donjon after deleting one before a certain point.


why? leave it alone. it doesn’t need to be messed with.


I think Coustillier can have up to triple base damage for charge, since it is it main selling point. Other than charge damage, it is just a (very) slightly inferior Cavalier. I also think its training time could be increased a bit.

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replace first crusade with something else entirely

change construction bonus to +25% per age (starting in feudal age) so that nomad isn’t ruined even further than it already is

delete the charge attack from the coustillier. maybe passive HP regeneration would be a better fit for aoe2

they need buffs in early game though
sicilian: tcs support 20 population
burgundian: docks support 10 population

This should happen for sure, i even think it should be -50 stone

Hmm why? This strategy already suck quite a lot/

I don’t think the Sicilian farm bonus need to be changed, or if it is I don’t know why.

Donjon being expensive is unfortunate but it’s pretty much necessary to make up for the fact it literally gives you a feudal age UU that can build it.

that would be ideal but it’s one of the idea they kept since the announcement so ig they will keep it for a while. They will probs overnerf it into the ground first not like anyone will be sad about it

ez fix: the bonus should start in castle age like the Briton one.

uh why? Burgundian aren’t a water civ by any stretch of the imagination.

Continuing the discussion from My ideas for nerfing/buffing the new civs:

What I thought about this was that sicilians should have theit faster castle building speed reduced to 50% in castle age.
Also sergeant could have a castle age upgrade instead of being auto upgraded immediately after age up. Could be called “veteran serjeant” . This would reduce the powerspike they get when when aging up while having many serjeants later upgraded for free.
For the coustillier, at least reduce the charge attack by 10

Better one: the Feudal Age serjeant be called an Intern Serjeant, 11.

You missed that the recharge time is also halved, so you get more consistent results. The best part is not being able to one shot villagers and their counters - monks and massed crossbowmen.

I think it is much cheaper to sustain in late game.

I wanted to write that but my idea had been shot down. But nonetheless it needs to be changed.

The Serjeant + Forging = generic Man-at-Arms + Scale Mail, so I gues spending 15 gold more on every unit on the expense of one saving of 50f and inability to be affected by Supplies, I don’t think the unit is broken in Feudal Age.

I like this one.

Two civs shouldn’t have the same civ bonus.

That’s the idea with both Serjeants and Donjons. It is like the Korean free tower upgrade + Free Long Swodsmen + free Chain Mail for the same unit.

Rather than inroducing a new tech, I would say allow the upgrade to happen by the Longsword upgrade itself.

They would still one shot monks without Sancity.

Currently Coustillier has 2 things that makes him very strong : high damage on the charge and low cost/training time that makes him easy to mass. But Burgundians have access to Cavalier upgrade in Castle Age (and consequently Paladin as soon as they hit Imperial), both upgrades are at half cost, and Cavalier/Paladin are statistically superior to Coustillier/Elite Coustillier.

IMO, Coustillier should keep his strength as high hitting unit to prevent him from falling behind and turn Burgundians into another Paladins spamming civ.

Coustellier +8/+11 totally ruins them, it would make burgundians go full knights (is not that they are a weak option, it just ruins another UU)

I think something like +15/+20 or +20/+25 with a minor recharge reduction would be enough

Also flemish militia, with their current UT should not be nerfed, is the most expensive unit in the game if you think of all the resources you stop gathering, they may need a UT rework or a buff rather than a nerf

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Remake one of the Sicilians Unique techs and replace it with a unique tech wich adds arrows to dounjeons or more hp.

shouldt dojon Stats be adjusted aswell then?