My Laundry List of 15 Issues

Game Version:

  • Build: latest patch
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: dragonmilk


While 1 issue at a time is format, 2/3 of these have been persistent. First 5 are persistent issues since launch, next 5 are due to April patch, last 5 are persistent issues that sometimes appear

  1. Able to start queue when members of party are not all present (still on prior map), causing queue to fail
  2. US East and default do not work as servers most of the time - no one can see my game
  3. Cannot rename lobby while in game
  4. Maps always revert to coast/Acropolis even though host sees the map they want to play selected
  5. Sometimes the ground will load black
  6. Malay bug still not hotfixed
  7. 3 wolves on the way to my dock in Scandi? Allegedly wolves spawn less often and less clumped. Lost singlehandedly due to that.
  8. Inconsistent melee units attacking through corners
  9. Villagers often ponder the meaning of existence before buildilng, or sit in the middle of the foundation and never build
  10. Villagers, often hunters, just stop and don’t show up as idle as if the meat is too heavy, about 2 tiles short of drop-off point
  11. Units don’t instantly realize a building has been deleted (gate etc) and path around
  12. Town centers randomly have rally set outside base during the game
  13. Often cannot click trees where they actually are
  14. Villager pathing when running away from attacks often consist of running the worst way possible rather than the most direct way
  15. Trade carts sometimes keep driving into an ally market and never stop…stopping.
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