My mod was flagged 2-nd time

Good day to everyone. I am creator of custom campaigns and scenarios in AOE2: Definitive edition. So, I met a problem today. I wanted to check downloads of my new custom campaign “Dmitry Donskoy”, but noticed campaign was deleted from mod browser. I checked the site and saw my campaign was flagged by admin. It’s 2-nd time when this happened. I probably understand why it can be flagged but still want to discover

Why campaign may be flagged, why, and how to unflag it… It will be so disappointing if i will loose it. I hope devs will notice that.


I’ve unflagged it again. It didn’t look like there was a reason for it to have been flagged so I’m not sure what happened there. If it happens again, let me know and I’ll dig further.

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Thank you so much for this!

Hi DodoNotDoDo,my mods were flagged by the Admin as Catscientist says.The mods number is below:
Please check these mods which were flagged with no reason and I have reported to your support but give no feedback and reply to me.These mods have been falsely flagged nearly a week!

There was a bug were some were getting flagged when they shouldn’t have been. They’ve been unflagged now and the bug corrected.

Thank you so much for this!

Hi dodonotdodo,greeting!My mod 52277,52278,52284 has been flagged by the Admin because of no reason reporting,please check and unflagged it,thank you very much!