My mods aren't showing up even though I subscribed to them

I already did almost everything, formatted the pc, reinstalled several times. I moved the game to disk C, and still nothing changed. The mods I subscribe to don’t show up in the “my mods” tab. And no, it’s not an update problem, I’ve had this problem for over 7 months

Have you subscribed to them on the website ?
If yes, there is the issue. That doesnt work. Its the same for aoe3
You need to search for the mods ingame.

Subscribed mods would show up under your Installed tab. My mods are mods you’ve authored and published.

Subscribing from the web site does work, the key is to be sure you’re logged on using the same account you used to purchase the game. So if you bought the game via Steam, log on to the web site with your Steam account. If you got the game from MS Store or Gamepass, be sure you’re logged on to the web site with your Xbox Live account.

Yes my friend, I installed them in the game and not on the website

no, in the “my mods” tab are the mods that I created and signed. The problem is that, even if I sign the mods, the

y don’t appear in the “my mods” tab, so I can’t use any signed mods or stop using an already signed mod

I’m not following, what do you mean by “signed” mods?

The only ones that would show up in my mods are ones that you created or manually copied to your local mods folder:
C:\Users<user name>\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE<user id>\mods\local

vs Installed/Subscribed mods are ones you found via the mod browser and subscribed to. Those should be in:
C:\Users<user name>\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE<user id>\mods\subscribed\