My opinion about new civs and how they are fine in the game (except for the coustillier that needs a rework)

I totally think the new civs are fine and not OP, the only thing is OP is the coustillier. The +44 destroys everything. But I think they don’t have a powerful post imp unit, as they’re paladin is as powerful as the Celtic one. So the new unit needs a rework so it can be able to fight other paladins in post imp. Taking into account that it’s supposed to be a cavalry civilization going albs will be kinda contradictory.

While the scisilians (or how that thing is written) seem nice to me, I have played with them some games and I have seen some recorded games of the elite players and it seems fine to me, as their donjon rush can be stopped with towers and siege pretty easily and their serjeant is weak against melee units and as its slow it can be taken by archers pretty easily, so it seems balanced to me. Also taking into account that their archer line is not good and their cavalry line is normal, as they don’t have hussar neither paladin for their late game. so their post imp is not that powerful as they skirm do not have the last armor upgrade. Also some people say that the first crusade is OP, but as I said before the serjeant has a great amount of counters (siege, other melee units and archers), and also not most of the times you will be able to five tc boom without being destroyed, taking into account that you have to build a castle. and neither 30 serjeants is like a spam of champions that have a lot of counters nowadays in the game.

In conclusion the only thing I think needs to be reworked is the coustillier and their destroying attack.