My Poorly Thought Out Concept for Japan DLC in AoEIV

I remember being told to create a concept for Japan in a thread about the first DLC faction that you want to have. Well, because I was bored and had a massive brain fart, here is my poorly thought out concept for Japan:

AoEIV Japan Concept

Levy units - They don’t use gold to buy low tier units (archer,spear). Levy units are not built, you build weapons in barracks and use workers to man them. When killed, weapons are dropped on the ground and can be picked up by workers and be a levy unit. Levy units can return to the barracks to become workers again. Dropped items can eventually expire. They serve as the bulk of the army.

Gold is used to buy elite and expensive samurai units. Shogun is a hero unit that can use an inspiration ability (+attack dmg) using gold. Samurai can switch between ranged and heavy cavalry modes.

Monasteries give inspiration for free (with an upgrade). Can build Sohei warrior monks instead of priests. They can carry relics and deposit in a monastery to increase the inspiration field and a trickle of gold. Can fight using naginata that does a swinging aoe arc attack. Can heal but no wololo.

Instead of scouts, you get shinobi no mono. Have a strong anti building attack. Can disguise as a worker. You have to distract the opponent to use them to sabotage the enemy. Can scale walls.

Build shinto shrines on hunting spots (that give a trickle of gold) and can’t hunt animals and sheep.

Unique sea unit: Wokou pirates. Gets gold whenever they kill something. Fast, non ranged, boarding navy unit.

That’s it. Don’t expect that I’ll reply, just glad that I got this out of my chest. As for inspiration, I based it on Arcturus Mengsk co-op commander from SC2.


I loved it!! I really hope the next 2 civs in the game be Japan and Aztecs!

How about making a concept for Aztecs?

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