My proposed balancing for September/October patch

I give you that
But I don’t remember Cav archers getting a recent balance change
Correct me if I’m wrong

not any direct changes, but with de various changes, normal archers tend to come out ahead due to a variety of reasons.

The pathfinding for the most part

But thing is, they had time to test the unit since the release of DE

It’s not like it was buffed/nerfed in the recent patch

Even castle age Conqs have 65% accuracy, so why not castle age Jannis? Honestly I have no experience how this could change the game. Low accuracy does not mean you miss the target if the enemy is in the group.

I suppose this proposition isn’t as bad as the mangudai buff proposal…

That are weaker, and the unit has a slower firing rate + less bulk. The actual reason to not give Cuman bracer is that their late game is already good enough with paladins, halbs, siege rams and siege onagers, without needing on top of that faster FU HCA.

Well in the event you manage to survive to the point of BBT spam as Turks (must happen in like less than 1% of the game) you’re rewarded with a huge stone sink that doesn’t improve your BBTs that much since you know, they have a slow and innacurate af projectile, while Chinese and Byz get to enjoy a much more useful increase in bulk and Portuguese have that additional accuracy and potentially the ability to spam them forever.


All the efforts of the devs are going to the aoe 3 DE, i think we are not going to see a balance change in a while, they will come every 6 months or so with major updates.

I was expecting a nerf to imp camel, khmer and leitis before aoe 3 release.

CA and HC frame delay might get fixed within the next 6 months.


Reducing frame delay in Cav archers should be good. It would help to mitigate the xbow dominance. Nowadays CAs are barely used in early castle age unless you get huns.

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if the goal is to make these units see more use, i doubt this actually helps much on that front.

is this for both normal and elite?

is this in addition to mining 20% faster or does this replace the mines faster?

this tech just needs to be worked on so it does what its supposed to period.

in addition to UT?

short of completely changing the role of the militia line, which would require drastically reworking them, i don’t see this ever changing honestly.

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It is exactly what you read. :slight_smile:
Replace the gold bonus of Turks would nerf them instead of buff.

Tatars Steppe Lancer should be used as anti Archer or cav archer. If this is too much, we can away the UT.

At least Samurai and Jaguar can run after Huskarl

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if that’s your goal at least make it 1.1 so they can force an engagement against them, frankly though, i wonder if aztecs need such a buff?

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I think War Elephant should be such expensive as it is the toughest unit in the game.

I agree cost reduction for organ guns (and perhaps mameluke?) and GC fix.

I definitely agree these four civs need a buff. Their biggest weakness is lagging behind quite a lot in economy due to weak early eco bonus. I dont understand how Turk gold lasts 20% longer (gold mine decay like sheep/boar?) Portuguese buff looks good but Carrack affecting infantry is very strange. But still no early buff for Portuguese and Italians. For Koreans, I think 20% wood discount has to be changed to a fix number (e.g. all military unit -10 wood) if you want it to apply to siege.


War elephants have 0 play rate except death match of course. They would be still expensive and nobody would use them. At least I’ve tried.

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Don’t know if 1.1 speed could be too much. I just wonder why Huskarl and Berserker should run faster. Mobility is the key.

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Berserk mobility is partially a compensation for Vikings weak cavalry. (Similar to Karambit warrior and Woad Raider against archer as Malay and Celts have weak cavalry?) Huskarl mobility is to fulfill archer-fast-killer role. Japanese have viable generic cavalry and Aztec have eagles. These may be why their infantry do not need to move fast.

Mobility is the key. That’s why nobody use Teutonic Knights, but they are possibly too strong to make the faster. I think this is a good buff, we don’t want to overbuff the unit.

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They lack plate barding and also no hussar


You’d buff Tatar SL but not Cuman SL?
Tatars already have HCA to kill archers.

cumans are a better civ then tatars are. they don’t really need a big buff.


Perhaps Berbers should gain access to shipwright as a naval civ.


Although I agree with many of the proposed changes, almost all of them are buffs and not nerfs (even “indirect nerfs” would be implemented as a buff), with the risk of power creep. Unaffected units and civs become relatively weaker as a result. I don’t know if that is what you intended.

It’s hard to balance the game with only buffs to units and civs. Next month you might see that other civs also need a buff to compensate for the previous buffs. And so on. Eventually everything is buffed.