My proposed list of changes

First off, the devs need to continue to fix the various bugs (and pathing) in the game.
Secondly, I think the best way to fix the issue with team game ELOs at this point would be just to reset everyone to 1K ELO and get rid of all that extra ELO that built up over time before the earlier fix. yes this will cause some issues as people get sorted back to proper levels but overall it helps get rid of the extreme issues they have right now.
Thirdly - fix the alt F4 issue that we currently have (I know the devs are aware of the issue and currently trying to fix it).
Fourth - regional monk, king, sails, etc need updates.
now onto the Balance Changes.

as ever the Militia line needs some love.

all Militia line upgrades except for the Men at arms upgrade → Reduce research time by 10-15 seconds.
longsword and Supplies → Make these upgrades cheaper (both down to 100 food and 50 gold).

Steppe Lancer → Reduce the food cost of this unit down to 60 food, and reduce the cost of ESL upgrade to 500 food and 400 gold.
Steppe Lancer → reduce reload to 2.1

Cumans → SL, Scouts, and Cav Archers are produced 20% faster
Cumans → castle age unique tech nerfed to account for faster production baseline
Cumans → Elite Kipchak base damage increased by 1.

Sicilians → Gain Thumb Ring.
Sicilians → Houses also built 100% faster.

Burmese → I am open to suggestions on this civilization, but they desperately need something.

Koreans → War Wagon bonus damage vs buildings reduced to +2 (Normal only).
Koreans → Wood discount extended to siege.

Mayans → Reduce their archer discount to 10/15/20%.
Mayans → Increase cost of El Dorado to 900 food and 700 gold.

Incas → Team Bonus changed to include Mill upgrades researching faster as well.
Incas → Andean Sling becomes a civ bonus - New Castle Age Unique Tech gives Infantry +3 bonus damage vs buildings and Cavalry.

Portuguese → Do something about Feitoria - it is useless in most game modes, and a problem on Islands. open to suggestions on this one.

Burgundians - Flemish Revolution → cost reduced - now unlocks the ability to train Flemish Militia from barracks and TCs. can upgrade villagers to militia manually at the cost of 20 food and 25 gold each.

Saracens → Mameluke → Cost reduced by 10 gold.
Saracens → Madrasah → All units killed return 33% of gold. (Might adjust this is too strong).


NGL I expected another post with ridiculous balance suggestions, but the one’s you’ve put together are eminently sensible and balance respecting.

Hat’s off to you.
I especially like the research time reduction to the milita line, I think that’s an elegant solution to them. I don’t think the unit needs more however, as they are actually very good in their niche (like every unit).

I would also like to add a change to the Vietnamese (useless), Burgundian (still way too powerful) and Sicilian (just so gimmicky) UTs as they are ridiculous as it stands.


i honestly haven’t seen much complaining about them since the nerf so i’m kind of waiting for more data and information on them.

but the civ is terrible, i’m not sure what to do with them.


well i’ve been a fan of reworking flemish revolution basically for a while - but i think the rest of the civ is fine. - added flemish revolution to the top.

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Madrasah: Monks cost -50% or so.
or → Aqidah: Camels attack faster by 25% or so.

Paper money → Monetary reform: teammates receive gold for every civil unit. Something between 6 or 8 gold per unit.

Flemish Revolution: revamped to something else with similar concept. Like the tech unlocks flemish militia in the TC, castles or barracks for example.
And some kind of nerf to their insane eco and eco recovery.

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First one is omega broken on Arena with the market bonus

Saracens already have +10HP for camels for free, and zealotry is quite accessible nowdays, is overkill
Well at least not so disruptive as Zakat XD


Wouldn’t that be a kinda worse Condottiero?


i honestly don’t think this helps the civ too much, camels are a counter unit for them, and giving them 25% more attack speed isn’t really going to do much for them against most units.

i’d rather get away from one time bonuses.

it’s better then the bull they have now.

To be honest, I wouldn’t see any reason anymore to research Flemish Militia. Aside the effect that it turns all your vills into soldiers, it isn’t that great. I know it’s very hard to balance though and I have no idea on how to make it better while still keeping the Flemish Militia.

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what if i added - “you can manually upgrade existing villagers into flemish militia for 20 food and 25 gold?”

You could still group convert them into units. I know it would be way more expensive, but you’d still be able to do it if you have the spare ressources.

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the whole point is to make it hard to pull off the 200 pop army thing. but maybe just outright removal and give them a new unique tech is a better idea.

There’s a difference, because you need way more eco to transform like even 20-50 vills, rather than turning all vills into flemish militia.
It means eco isn’t killed anymore also.

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Ah you are right. I completely forgot about arena. I was thinking about arabia.

The second one doesn’t seem OP though. Camels get countered easily in the castle age. Perhaps 15~20% so they aren’t that strong in imperial.

Aww but it’s slightly better than their current tech.

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thing is again though - this doesn’t really help them win games.

But their camels are already pretty strong, and why kill a bonus that a potential new camel civ could get?


and frankly, faster attacking camels as a tech is very underwhelming. more civ bonus territory.

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Cumans, Burmese and Vietnamese need more love for sure
I’m not sure for Sicilians TBH
Feitoria just kicks in too late in the game to be a game changer and Flemish Revolution changes the game too much that it’s impossible to balance

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Koreans: gain bloodlines. War wagons (normal/elite) - 20hp