My saves keep getting reset/removed/set to unavailable

Playing Single Player Campaign.

On the 28th I successfully completed the mission “Second Battle of Lincoln” in “The Normans: Rebellion” campaign.

On the 29th I logged in to find that for some reason, my save that I took once starting the following mission was deleted. VERY annoying to find out that the hour I spent on that mission has just been tossed in the garbage.

I then proceeded to do the mission again. that evening. 1 hour and 38s exactly.

On the 30th I noticed there was an update. I downloaded and installed said update via Steam as you normally would.

I logged in later that evening (today) to see that it’s thrown me back to the start of the the Second battle of Lincoln for the 2nd time, therefore meaning I’m going to have to do this damn mission for the 3rd time!

I went to go to my saves as I KNOW that I saved right before finishing or after starting the next mission and waddaya know? Allllll of my saves are “Unavailable”. When I hover on them it says "Due to a recent update, the save file is no longer available.

Are you kidding me? What notice was I given that this was going to happen? Why do I have to do this damn mission for the 3rd time?

Fix your game!