My Suggestion list

Hello Everyone!

Caution: Long post with bad English incoming (You have been warned :wink: )

So i am a fan of the AOE Franchise since the beginning and every now and then i startup my Win XP VM for another round of AOE 1. In fact i played it a couple of days ago and thought about how a new AOE would be neat - and now here we are :slight_smile:

I think there are a couple of things regarding gameplay that could be improved, so here you got my list. I could make a post for every suggestion, but then i would spam the forum with new threads and no one wants that :smiley:

One small note: I am using the unofficial AOE UHD patch - so maybe some things are a bit different from the original game. ( )
To make it easier i group my suggestions into topics, lets get started:

General Stuff for creating a game:

Setting up Teams:
If you create a new game you can Setup wich Players are in the same team - but you can only define 4 Teams - it would be nice if you could create more Teams there (If the maximum of players is 8, a maximum of 8 teams), so you can say that for example only one player has an ally and everyone else not.

Random Map:
Like it says an option for a random kind of map would be nice.

Saving presets:
I often play with the same settings for my games (8 player, random culture, random map, teams of 2, all technologys…). It would be a great addition to have an option to save a preset for new game generation, so you can start right away and don’t have to make the same settings over and over again.

Building, resources, Trade and Movement:

Building stuff where a unit stands:
I guess everyone knows this problem, you want to build up your houses in a row and then there stands a useless villager, so you have to cancel building, click on him, move him and then you can continue building, or even worse there is a gazelle where you want to build so you have to kill it with a military unit. AOE 2 had a pretty good solution for this, so that units blocking where you are building just move some meters automatic so you can continue building.

Trade on land route:
I always liked the trading option, as you can make wood into gold - unfortunately you can only trade by ship, i would like an additional unit that can travel from marketplace to an ally marketplace so you can trade even if there is no water.

Building on corners
If you build (for example Towers) like this: villagers often go around the towers and try to build/repair it from the more dangerous site, when it is in fact possible to build in the corner, but i often have to position the villager at the exact spot so he starts building is from the save site.

Selecting more Units
You can select a maximum of 25 Units at one - it would be nice to have the option to select more units at once.

Assembly point
Another AOE2 option i would really like for AOE1 is to set a point where the units produced by a building get together, to have more structure in your military

Yea, there always is a large thread about this, and this speaks for itself, soooo yea :wink:

Military and balance options

Catapult nerv
I am not sure about this one - but it always felt like “Heavy armoured cavalry” together with catapults is the best option to win - but this might be wrong ^^

Military movement like AOE2
I really really like the grouping options from AOE2 - that would be an option for AOE1 too i guess. Also i would like to be able to set patrol option for securing you base.

Setting status of units
In AOE1 you can set your units to not attack anything or to attack everything that’s near them. This often is a problem, when you are away from your base fighting against the guy that keeps destroying your hard build defensives with his 10000 catapults and get back to all your defensive troops fighting in another enemy base, because they where trying to kill one enemy villager that was near your base. (same with fishing boats for ships). Options like “hold place” or “be defensive” would be nice - so your troops don’t start a war by themselves :smiley:

I guess this is it for now (i didn’t mentioned a higher population limit because it was already mentioned a couple of times in the forum). I really hope to get into the closed beta - then i can look for more suggestions.

I am hyped like a small kid for this AOE remake.


Agree with all of it pretty much. More teams and greater unit selection is something that should be really easy to do and needs to be in the game.