My suggestions for Hero Cosmetic Pack – Vol. 2

I really liked the idea of being able to acquire skins through a DLC, I see it interesting and fair enough for those who did not get it for free. And I look forward to vol 2 with many new unique heroes, and those that remain that could only be achieved with past events that are not available in vol 1. So if you can take into account my wishlist, This would be more or less what I would like to see for a second volume.

  • That the two Japanese and Indian heroes can be customized separately:
    It feels strange that there are two Nanibs or two Kichiros, since these are unique heroes that should be one as in the campaigns, a good idea could be to have a Kichiro accompanied with another as the Monk by default.

  • That each Skin can be saved with a personalized name, without always having to change it manually:
    It is strange that sometimes, for not changing the name manually, campaign heroes or female characters will have a name that is either masculine or incorrect (?

So well, the most obvious thing would be for me to see more campaign heroes and new ones like:

  • Spanish: Queen Isabella

  • Germans: Sven Kuechler and maybe two new unique skins.

  • British: Sir Francis Drake.

  • United States: William Holme, Ryan Copper, John Black, General Custer, Marine Officer and Militia Officer.

  • Indians: Two new unique skins, and Pravar.

  • French: Pierre Beaumont and Napoleon.

  • Portuguese: Cristobal de Gama and a new unique skin.

  • Dutch: Two new unique skins.

  • Chinese: A new unique skin.

  • Ottomans: Hizir and Oruc Reis (If you don’t plan to add Barbary States as a playable civilization in the future). Otherwise a new unique skin.

  • Russians: Two new unique skins.

  • Swedes: Two new unique skins.

I think that would be what I would most expect, I don’t know if everything would get into a vol 2 and have to resort to a vol 3 too, but it would be extraordinary to see almost all of this!


I’d like to see Daniel Boone for USA.


The rest of the civs who didn’t get their missing skins to appear in the first vol should be in this one (Hausa, Chinese, USA, Inca etc…)

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Yes, I made that clear at the beginning. :slight_smile:


I’d love a donald trump skin, when he gets knocked out he can say that he almost made america great again.

We don’t need to get political with this.

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cierto no hace falta ponernos politicos PERO! diste una buena idea y es la que las nuevas skins digan frases unicas o que cuando caigan derrotados el cuadro de texto diga algo unico por ejemplo!

Sven kuechler cuando cae herido: habeis dañado todo, menos lo importante mi orgullo!
Frase del cuadro de texto: La disciplina militar puede soportar hasta la herida mas mortal!
Sven Kuechler cuando lo rescatas manualmente: !Sabia que podia confiar en el profesionalismo de hesse!
Sven kuechler Cuando pagas su rescate: ¿Que acaso no me habias contratado antes? (haciendo alusión de que es un mercenario y volviste a pagar oro por sus servicios xd

Napoleón cuando cae herido: !No no puede ser! esto es una perdida para francia!
Frase del cuadro de texto: Solo cometi un error no invadir berlin… (haciendo alusión a cuando Napoleón no acabo con los prusianos a tiempo despues de la batalla de ligny)
Napoleón cuando Lo rescatas: !muy bien el Gran Armee no me ha fallado sigamos con los pasos de cesar!
Napoleon cuando pagas por su rescate: ¿De verdad mi persona vale tampoco para ellos? (haciendo alusión a que solo pagas 100 de oro por rescatar a tu heroe xD)

pero estas son solo sugerencia ya ahi me dicen que les parecen xd


It would be cool if there was a buttom to apply a random explorer name from the pool of names your explorer gets named from initially. I like using the historical names for my explorers but I renamed a few when messing with the wacky skins and it made me a bit sad I couldn’t then apply a random historical name afterwards

In the next volume, instead of the oo-s, add the maphax please.

Lol there is, was added this patch. Just go into home city where you can change explorer name and it says randomize.

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man I love the devs :,)

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Let Western civilizations have Santa Claus or Santa Girl as the hero’s skin is insteresting to me.
Its rifle could be a giant candy cane!

While the Japanese hero’s new female skin looks great, I’m not a fan of its default name.
Naming it “Kunoichi” kills the chance of the kunoichi being the unit of the potential minor civ of Shintoism.
The hero’s default name can be and better be renamed “Mochizuki Chiyome”, the female master of the group of kunoichi.

I keep waiting for Blas de Lezo for Spanish or other commander from the Viceroyalties


My suggestion is to include Zheng Chenggong, Feng Zicai, Zeng Guofan, Li Hongzhang, Deng Shichang, Lin Zexu, Zuo Zongtang, Guan Tianpei and Yao Ying into the skin of Chinese heroes

For China, they should use the Qing mandarin that they have walking around the home city, just take him, give him a dao like the rattan shields have, there, historically accurate Chinese explorer. Though I would take an Iron Cap Prince, or even a Banner general in his full armor, again, with a dao or ANY melee weapon.

Captain Huang is already in a Ming dynasty uniform and it’s ok, but the Qing uniforms are better.

Colonel Kuechler for germans please :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: