My Synopsis by GLHFsport

AOE DE [Analysis based on reveal trailer video]

The shadow soft contrast is too high. also known as diffusion (used to soften edges)
I understand why the shadows are semitransparent however the edges are too soft.
in real life shadows have a very slight soft edge.
The shadows are good on the spearmen but from the looks of it, the shadows look much too soft under everything else. The Calvary, Archers, Siege units all have blurry/fuzzy soft shadows.

The unit movement is Octolinear, (yes I had to invent that word in order to use it).
Imagine it like a compass N E S W, NE SE SW NW. Basically units can only move in 8 directions.
the game would be much more polished if you rig the 3D Models to be able to look and move in a full 360 degrees.

I would love to grind the beta out and give you some more feedback, I signed up as GLHFsport

The graphics units have 32 angles, so the 8 angle movement could be upgraded to 32. They are 2d sprites and not actual 3d units.

I would prefer the more “realistic” shadows as well. The original did remarkably well for a game with 256 colours. Having less fuzzy shadows would keep things more grounded, as long as they are not too dark, as we need to keep in line with the higher quality graphics.

Honestly I don’t care about how many ways my man can move, just start the game already!!!

they did start the game. beta releases tomorrow

i can tell from the second trailer they definitely only have 8 directions of movement, but i want to give it a whirl and see how it plays