Mystery Treasure Reference on European Unknown Map

Anyone know what the reference this treasure is to? It is guarded by 1 wild boar, 1 robber knight, 1 brigand, and 1 repressive cuirassier, and grants a house when claimed.


It gets stranger. When recovered, the message only says “recovered an empty House” and the house starts at 100/1000 health, grants a res trickle, and starts healing on it’s own. It also grants only 3 pop space. It also has a very specific kill bounty of 45c, 37w, 63 f, and 10 xp


Here’s a save game from right before I took the treasure if anyone is interested

treasure ref.age3Ysav (2.9 MB)


mysterious indeed :wink:


Yeah, I have no idea either. It’s probably an inside joke about some streamers I don’t watch or some developers.

I think that this treasure was designed to quickstart Lost map

No, this doesn’t line up with LOST - Sahara. That’s guarded by two rhinos and is much easier to take, and doesn’t give the trickles.

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