Mythological RTS to hold us over till AOM:DE

Has potential:


Any info about civs?

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Two civs: Baltic Peoples and Teutonic Knights…

Baltic units

Teutonic Order units

In-Game images

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looks sweet even it reminds me more of warcraft 3 than of age of mythology. could be possible to give it a chance but we need more information and also more variety of chars in my opinion at least since it seems hero focused.

there should be way more games like age of mythology, warcraft 3, dawn of war 2 and spellforce, starcraft but especially the fantasy/mythology genre is lacking like in the movie genre… i personally think that we already should have a market saturation for shooter games, battle royale games, moba games and more or less sci-fi and world war games… we had so many of these over the past 10+ years and way too few good fantasy rts and rpg games in my personal opinion at least.