Naffatun for Saracens and Turks?

Almost all medieval RTS games have them… total war medieval 2, ancestors legacy, stronghold crusaders. Now saracens dont feel like saracens without them


Mongols should have such units as they introduced bombs to europe.

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Petards are already there to play out these kinds of units.
Also, Asian and African civs have Camels and Battle Elephants as Regional Units already, while European civs have none. Introducing another RU would heavily imbalance the game in that regard.

As a scenario unit, ghowever, I would love Naffatun Bombers.


well in scenario editor i found a way to create naffatun … you need to modify attribute of skirmisher and change their projectile unit to 244… this will change the animation from javeline to small cannon ball like in the gif… and add a blast width so that it can damage in an area,

but i dont think people will go through all this to make a naffatun


grenadiers x 20 chars

It seems like a cool idea. (I don’t know if for Saracens and Turks exactly, but as a new unit)

But what would be its niche though?
Perhaps a slow ranged attack with a bit of AoE?

Unique Unit for turks. Ranged with bonus against archers and/or blast radious (archers stacks a lot, so it would be effective anyway)